Morocco 2004



International Citrus Congress - Agadir, Morocco 15-20 February 2004

Tenth meeting of the International Society of Citriculture



Horticulture: An Essential Life Science 
N.E. Looney [pg. 31]

Multi-Institutional Task Teams: The Citrus Research International Group Approach to Citrus Research 
T.G. Grout, and V. Hattingh [pg. 34]

Citrus Research Management in Australia - a Partnership between Industry, Research Providers, Government and the Marketplace 
G. McEvilly [pg. 37]

The Role of the Citrus Research and Education Center in Collecting, Preserving and Indexing Citrus Literature 
P. Russ, and G. Albrigo [pg. 41]

Using Clientele Preferences to Design Web Delivery of Citrus Information 
R.S. Buker III [pg. 46]

Abstracts - Citrus Research and Development [pg. 50]

Citrus Research and Development: Planning, Funding and Communication Mechanisms in a Changing World 
M. Ismail [pg. 50]

Citrus Research Programs for California 2004-2008 
T.A. Batkin [pg. 50]

An EU Funded Project to Improve the Quality of European Citrus by Developing Medfly SIT technology so it can be Widely Applied in the Mediterranean Basin 
L. Calabozo [pg. 50]


Genes of Citrus ssp. Induced by Drought Stress 
J. Gimeno, J. Pérez, S. Boscá, J. Forment, J. Gadea, M.A. Martínez, R. Serrano, F. Tadeo, and M. Talón [pg. 53]

Citrus Mutants. New Tools for the Characterization of the Citrus Genome 
M. Talon, D.J. Iglesias, G. Soler, F.R. Tadeo, M. Cercós, and S. Zaragoza [pg. 57]

Terminal Flower, Leafy and Apetala1 Homologues and Their Relationship to Juvenility in Citrus sinensis – An overview 
L.J. Pillitteri, L.L. Walling, and C.J. Lovatt [pg. 61]

Gibberellin 20-oxidase Expression in Citrus and Regulation of Growth by Temperature and Exocortis Viroid 
A.M. Vidal, W. Ben-Cheikh, F.R. Tadeo, M. Talón, and J.L. García-Martínez [pg. 67]

Phytochrome B Gene Expressed in Transgenic Troyer Citrange Changes Some Aspect of Plant Growth 
G. Distefano, S. La Malfa, A. Continella, A. Gentile, C. Germanà, E. Tribulato, P. Latini, and R. Muleo [pg. 72]

Construction of a Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Library of a Seedless Clone from Citrus Sinensis (L.) Osbeck cv ‘Vaniglia’ 
S. Ferrante, G. Geraci, and M.T. Scarano [pg. 76]

Morphological and AFLP Analysis of Large Fruit Mutants Selected from ‘Bingtang’ Common Low Acid Orange 
L. Gan, B.Q. Zeng, X.Y. Xiong, Z.N. Deng, and X.X. Deng [pg. 79]

Phytoene Synthase and β-Carotene Hydroxylase in Citrus 
I.-J. Kim, W.-I. Chung, C.-S. Kim, and K.-J. Song [pg. 82]

Abstracts - Citrus Genomics [pg. 85-89]

International Citrus Genomics Consortium 
V. Conejero 
[pg. 85]

Whole Genome Sequencing: What Did We Learn From Plant Genome Sequencing ? 
M. Delseny [pg. 85]

Expressed Sequence TAG Resources for Citrus 
M. Roose, C. Federici, M. Lyon, R. Fenton, S. Wanamarker, and T. Close[pg. 85]

Toward a High-Density Integrated Genetic Linkage Maps of ‘Murcott’ Tangor and ‘Pêra’ Sweet Orange Based on AFLP Markers 
M. Bastianel, A.C. Oliveira, M. Cristofani, and M.A. Machado [pg. 85]

Functional Genomics Studies in Citrus sinensis 
M. Bausher, R. Shatters, J. Chaparro, P. Dang, W. Hunter, and R. Niedz [pg. 86]

CitEst : Functional and Comparative Genomics of Citrus in Brazil 
G. Astua-Monge, M.L.P.N. Targon, M.A. Takita, J. Freitas-Astua, L. Kishi, A.A. Souza, H.D. Coletta Filho, A.M. Amaral, M. Cristofani, and M.A. Machado[pg. 86]

Molecular Analysis Of The Carotenoid Biosynthetic Pathway In Citrus 
M.J. Rodrigo, B. Alquezar, and L. Zacarias [pg. 86]

Releiving Different Gene Expression in Phytochrome B Transgenic Citrange Troyer Plants Using Real-Time PCR Technology 
P. Latini, G. Distefano, A. Gentile, Z. Deng, E. Rugini, and R. Muleo [pg. 87]

Molecular Characterization of Disease Resistance in Citrus 
V. Febres, E. Carlos, K. Derrick, and G.A. Moore [pg. 87]

Resistance Gene Candidate (RGC) Approaches to Improving Disease Resistance in Citrus 
F.G. Gmitter, Jr., Z. Deng, X. Xu, S. Huang, and Q. Zheng [pg. 87]

Variability of the CNHXI Gene (a Putative Na+/H+ Antiport) in Citrus 
B. Saleh, T. Legavre, F.C. Baurens, C. Curk, R. Morillon, and P. Ollitrault[pg. 87]

Isolation and Characterization of Cold Responsive Genes in Poncirus Trifoliata (L.) With an Unusual Pre-mRNA Processing 
J. Ying, and E.S. Louzada [pg. 88]

Molecular Characterization of Cold Hardiness in Citrus and Poncirus 
K. Champ, M. Sahin-Cevik, and G.A. Moore [pg. 88]

Identification and Characterization of SSRs Derived From EST Sequences From Citrus spp 
G. Astua-Monge, M. Cristofani, M.L.P.N Targon, J. Freitas-Astua, and M.A. Machado [pg. 88]

A citrus functional genomics project in spain. 
V. Conejero [pg. 88]

Expression Levels of Anthocyanin Biosynthetic Genes in the Rind of Blood Oranges 
T. Corallo, G. Reforgiato Recupero, M.P. Russo, and P.S. Cotroneo [pg. 88]

First Results of Functional Studies Using a Genome-Wide Citrus CDNA Microarray 
V. Conejero [pg. 89]


RAPD Analysis of ‘Tetrazyg’ Progeny from Crosses of Selected Somatic Hybrids for Rootstock Improvement 
J.L. Chandler, J.A. Browning, J.W. Grosser, and W.W. Guo [pg. 93]

The Continuing Evolution of Protoplast Fusion as a Tool for Citrus Variety Improvement 
J.W. Grosser, and F.G. Gmitter, Jr. [pg. 96]

Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis for Citrus Breeding 
M.J. Asins, G.P. Bernet, and E.A. Carbonell [pg. 103]

Critical Assessment of Factors Affecting Generation of Transgenic Citrus Plants 
L. Peña, M. Cervera, C. Fagoaga, R. Pérez, J. Romero, J. Juárez, J.A. Pina, and L. Navarro [pg. 106]

Production and Characterization of Several Citrus Intergeneric and Interspecific Somatic Hybrids Produced by Electrofusion 
J. Liu, X. Xu, and X. Deng [pg. 114]

PCR-Based Molecular Marker Approaches in Citrus Genetic Improvement 
M.-T. Scarano, L. Abbate, N. Tusa, S. Ferrante, and S. Reale [pg. 118]

Quantitative Trait Loci and Candidate Gene Analysis of Citrus Tristeza Virus-Citradia Interaction 
M.J. Asins, G.P. Bernet, C. Ruiz, M. Cambra, J. Puchades, T. Gorris, and E.A. Carbonell [pg. 124]

Evaluation of Transgenic rolABC Troyer Citrange for Root characteristics and Root-associated Bacteria 
S. La Malfa, F. Domina, A. Gentile, G. Cirvilleri , A. Rizzitano, C. Abbate, S. Spina, and Z.N. Deng [pg. 127]

Transgenic Sweet Orange Plants Regenerated by Protoplast Co-transformation with a Potential Canker Resistance Gene and a GFP Marker Gene 
W.W. Guo, and J.W. Grosser [pg. 132]

Regeneration of Transgenic Sweet Orange and Carrizo Citrange Plants Containing a 742bp Citrus Tristeza Virus-Derived Sequence 392 
G. Ananthakrishnan, S. Gowda, V. Orbovic, W.O. Dawson, and J.W. Grosser [pg. 135]

Transgenic Endochitinase Lemon Plants Show Increased Tolerance to Fungi 
A. Gentile, S. La Malfa, G. Distefano, F. Domina, E. Tribulato, Z.N. Deng, G. Polizzi, A. Vitale, and M. Lorito [pg. 139]

The Role of Biotechnology in Developing Quality Citrus Fruits 
J.W. Grosser, and F.G. Gmitter, Jr. [pg. 145]

Recovery of Tetraploid Clementine Plants (Citrus clementina Hort. Ex Tan.) by in-Vitro Colchicine Treatment of Shoot Tips 
J. Juárez, P. Aleza, O. Olivares-Fuster, and L. Navarro [pg. 151]

Recovery of Polyploids From Under-Developed Seeds 
T. Saeed, M. Usman, M. Mumtaz Khan, B. Fatima, and I. A. Khan [pg. 155]

Gametic Embryogenesis in Citrus 
M.A. Germanà, and B. Chiancone [pg. 159]

Use of Single Strand Conformation Polymorphism (SSCP) for Citrus Cytoplasm Differentiation 
O. Olivares-Fuster, M. Hernández-Garrido, J. Guerri, and L. Navarro [pg. 164]

Chloroplast Inheritance of Citrus Somatic Hybrids Analyzed by Microsatellite Markers 
Y. Cheng, W. Guo, and X. Deng [pg. 169]

GISH Analysis of Citrus Intergeneric Sexual Hybrids and Somatic Hybrids 
C. Chen, C. Fu, W. Guo, X. Deng [pg. 171]

Cooperation in the Conservation of Citrus Genetic Resources: Riverside, California 
T.L. Kahn, O.J. Bier, J.S. Semancik, J.A. Bash, M.L. Roose, and R.R. Krueger [pg. 174]

Diversity and Phylogenetic Relationships of the Citrus Variety Collection 
N.A. Barkley, M.L. Roose, and R.R. Krueger [pg. 178]

Citrus Chloroplast Microsatellite Sequence Variation Analysis 
Z.N. Deng, Y.M. Xie, X.Y. Xiong, S. La Malfa, and A. Gentile [pg. 183]

Gene Transcription Analysis during Fruit Ripening in Sweet Orange 
A. Marocco, L. Bortesi, A. Bertoli, and R. Mazza [pg. 188]

Development and Evaluation of an Alternative Source of Plant Material for Citrus Regeneration and Genetic Transformation 
D. Pietro Paolo, P. Caruso, and G. Reforgiato Recupero 
[pg. 192]

Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Citrus aurantium cv. Brazilian 
N.T. Marques, G. Nolasco, and J. Leitão [pg. 194]

The Application of Plant Biotechnology to Citrus Industry in Morocco 
M. Aaouine [pg. 199]

Propagation of ‘Kinnow’ Mandarin by Microbudding 
M. Abbas, M.M. Khan, S.M. Mughal, M.J. Jaskani, and I.A. Khan [pg. 205]

Seed Formation, Leaf Dimensions and Fruit Characteristics of ‘Balady’ Limes (Citrus aurantifolia) in Relation to Some GA3Treatments 
S.Z. El-Agamy, A.M. El-Sese, and A.K.A. Mohamed [pg. 208]

Seed and Embryo Development in Some New Citrus Selections 
S.Z. El-Agamy, M.A. Hussein, F.M. Mostafa, and M.M. Shaaban [pg. 212]

The Ornamental Citrus Nursery Production in Sicily 
M. Bucca, and A.S. Zarbà [pg. 216]

Comparison between Different Growing Substrates for Ornamental Citrus Trees 
B. Torrisi, S. Recupero, F. Caldarera, M. Allegra, and F. Intrigliolo [pg. 220]

Production and Certification of Citrus Seeds and Plants in Morocco 
A. Hilali [pg. 223]

Some Factors Affecting Regeneration of Seedling Explants in Citrus sunki Hort. ex Tanaka 
B.K. Kim, J.U. Yun, and K.J. Song [pg. 225]

Abstracts - Biotechnology and Plant Propagation [pg. 228-234]

Shoot-Tip Grafting in Vitro : Research Applications and Impact in the Citrus Industry 
L. Navarro [pg. 228]

Ploidy Manipulation ; Old Strategy, New Tools and New Research Topics 
P. Ollitrault, L. Navarro, and J.W. Grosser [pg. 228]

Somatic Hybrid Vigor in Citrus: Direct Evidence From Protoplast Fusion of an Embryogenic Callus Line With a Transgenic Mesophyll Parent Expressing the GFP Gene 
W.W. Guo, and J.W. Grosser [pg. 228]

The Research of Molecular Markers for Citrus Germplasm Evaluation and Breeding 
X. Deng, Y. Cheng, X. Pang, Q. Cao, and Y. Hao [pg. 228]

Isolation and Characterization of Citrus Microsatellite for Networking Germplasm Management and Gene Mapping 
Y. Froelicher, G. Costantino, D. Dambier, S. Lotfy, C. Scotto, C. Didout, V. Beaumont, F. Luro, P. Brottier, A.M. Risterucci, and P. Ollitrault 
[pg. 229]

Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Tangerines Conserved in the SRA-CIRAD Germplasm, Using Microsatellites and Isozymes Markers 
F. Luro, G. Costantino, and P. Ollitrault [pg. 229]

Hand Cross Pollination Study of Mandarins and Use of AFLP Markers to Identify Pollen Parentages of Mandarins – Implication for Seedless Mandarin Production in California 
C.T. Chao, and P.S. Devanand [pg. 229]

QTL Analysis of Polyembryony in a Poncirus trifoliata x Chandler Pummelo Cross 
J. Kepiro, and M. Roose [pg. 230]

Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Terpenoid Synthase From Rio Red Grapefruit 
J. Ying, and E.S. Louzada [pg. 230]

Transformation of Citrus aurantium Based on a Non-Tissue Culture Approach 
N.T. Marques, G. Nolasco, and J. Leitão [pg. 230]

DNA Methylation Changes Involved Several Loci During the Regeneration of Citrus Callus 
H. Meng, and X. Deng [pg. 230]

Callogenesis Induction of Five Citrus Rootstocks (Lime rangpurMandarinier cléopâtre, Citrus volkamérianaPoncirus trifoliataCitrus aurantium
R. Ramdan, N. Handaji, M. Ait Hadou, N. Arsalan, M. Afellah, and H. Chlyah [pg. 231]

Environmental Effect on Spontaneous Polyploidization Phenomena in Citrus 
Y. Froelicher, D. Dambier, R. Morillon, A. Angeli, G. Costantino, J-M. Gandoin, A. Dubois, P. Medecin, F. Curk, C. Jacquemont, F. Luro, and P. Ollitrault [pg. 231]

Regeneration and Analysis of Citrus Interspecific Heterologous Diploid Hybrid Embryoids Via Somatic Fusion Between Satsuma Mandarin and Tangerine 
C. Fu, W. Guo, and X. Deng [pg. 231]

Volatile Compounds from Somatic Hybrids Test Cross 
A.-L. Gancel, Y. Froelicher, C. Jacquemond, F. Luro, F. Tomi, P. Ollitrault, and J.-M. Brillouet [pg. 231]

Do PCR Markers for Chloroplastic Genomes fit Aurantioideae Evolution? 
P. Ollitrault, S. Lotfy, Y. Froelicher, and F. Luroi [pg. 232]

Expression of Mutant Green Fluorescent Protein Genes in Transgenic Citrus Plants 
M. Kayim, K.S. Derrick, G.A. Barthe, and J.M. Beretta 
[pg. 232]

Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Citrus and Plant Recovery of Transgenic Plants with Pockeweed Antiviral Protein (PAP) and Bacterio- Opsin (bO) Benes 
F.A.A. Mourão Filho, B.M.J. Mendes, W.A.B. Almeida, F.A. Azevedo, R.L. Boscariol, N. Tumer, and E. Lam [pg. 232]

Genetic Polymorphism of Citrus clementina Hort. Ex. Tan. Varieties Evaluated by Isozymes, RAPD, SSRs and AFLP Markers 
B. Chahidi, A. El-Mousadik, M. El-Otmani, M. Tijane, and F. Luro [pg. 232]

Nutrient Demands and Losses for Citrus Nurseries Grown in Substrate Under screen-House 
J.A. Quaggio, P.R. Boaventura, O.C. Bataglia, and M.F. Abreu [pg. 233]

Morphological Variation in ‘Valencia’ Sweet Orange Leaves in Citrus Increase Block and Commercial Nursery 
S.A. Carvalho, V.M. Novelli, M.A. Machado [pg. 233]

Multivariate Analysis of Nursery Performance of Citrus Rootstock in Oman 
I.A. Khan, T. Al-Mandhari, M.J. Jaskani, M. Idress, and K.A. Al-Habsi [pg. 233]

Chinese Citrus Virus-free Propagation Scheme 
C.-Y. Zhou, T.-S. Li, K.-Z. Tang, F.-Y. Yang, Y.- H. Jiang, S.-G. Dai, and X.-Y. Zhao [pg. 234]


Reaction of Young Citrus Trees Planted on Ridges and Flat Bed to Floods of Long Duration 
A. Aït Houssa, M. Benbella, E. Nachate, M. Rhanem, and D. Ezzoubir [pg. 237]

High Temperature Stress Control by Over Canopy Irrigation of Citrus 
M. Mulas, A. Fadda, R. Zurru, and G. Chessa [pg. 240]

Common Co-Occurrence of Citriculture and Ozone Air Pollution-Potential for Yield Reductions 
D.A. Grantz, and M.J. Sanz [pg. 246]

Shading Levels and Behaviour of Mandarin ‘Primosole’ Trees 
A. Continella, C. Germanà, and E. Tribulato [pg. 253]

Shade Effects on Citrus Leaf Gas Exchange, Fruit Yield and Quality 
J.P. Syvertsen, J.L. Jifon, C. Goni, and A. Otero [pg. 257]

Influence of Drought and Winter Temperatures on Year-to-Year Citrus Fruit Set and Yield Variation in São Paulo, Brazil 
L.G. Albrigo, J.I Valient, and C. Van Parys de Wit [pg. 263]

Analysis of the Causes of the Decrease in Acidity of Florida Citrus since 1949 
P. F. Cancalon, D. Philippo, and Y. Xu [pg. 268]

Bio-Climatic Modelling – Applications within Citriculture 
I. Paul, G.H. Barry, Y.C. Collingham, B. Huntley, and A.S. van Jaarsveld [pg. 274]

Climatic Effects on Flowering, Fruit Set and Quality of Citrus – A Review 
L.G. Albrigo [pg. 278]

Harvest Date Effect on Fruit Quality and Return Bloom in Three Citrus Cultivars 
A. Gravina, H. Arbiza, A. Telias, F. Benzano, V. D’Oliveira Flores, S. Casanova, and G. Gambetta [pg. 284]

Pruning Influence on Physiological and Productive Behaviour of Young 'Lane Late' Orange Trees 
C. Germanà, A. Continella, and E. Tribulato
 [pg. 291]

Contribution to a Citrus Dwarfing Study to Improve Yields during the First Years by Using an Intermediate Stock 
R. Martínez-Valero, R. Martínez, and H. Gimeno [pg. 295]

Citrus Tree Spacing and Tree Shape: Concepts, Effect on Early Production Profile and Fruit Quality Aspects – an Overview 
E. Rabe [pg. 297]

Effect of Drip Irrigation on Sweet Orange cv. ‘Mosambi’ Grown in Rain-Shadow Laterite Soils 
B. Mathew and S.N. Ghosh [pg. 302]

Water Loss Regulation Prevents the Occurrence of Shoot Xylem Embolism in ‘Clementine’ SRA92 Grafted on Trifoliate Orange and ‘Carrizo’ Citrange 
I. Poggi-Limongi, J. J. Polidori, J. M. Gandoin, V. Paolacci, M. Battini, M. Albertini, T. Améglio, and H. Cochard [pg. 306]

Subsurface Drip Irrigation with Recycling Water for Citrus 
Y. Erner, A. Bar-Tal, S. Asulin, E. Tagari, M. Rozner, M. Keinan, and I. Katzir [pg. 310]

Abstracts - Environmental Factors and Cultural Practices [pg. 316-317]

Climatic Effects on Fruit Quality and Maturity of Navel Oranges in Nine Growing Regions of Chile 
J. Ortúzar, V. Raga, J. Martiz, J. Quinteros, and M. Arenas [pg. 316]

Preliminary Results on Citrus Groves Grown Under The MOHT® System 
R .Martínez, and C. Fernández [pg. 316]

Design and Operation Decisions in Drip and Microirrigation Systems to Achieve Better Quality and Profitability in Citriculture 
A. Pannunzio, M. Román, A. Wölfle, and J. Brenner [pg. 316]

Economic Overview of Drip and Microirrigation Systems in Humid Regions 
A. Pannunzio, M. Román, A. Wölfle, and J. Brenner [pg. 316]

Regulated Deficit Irrigation Effects on Fruit Quality and Yield of Clementine Mandarins in Chile 
J.E. Ortúzar, P. Carmona, J. Quinteros, W. Faudez, A. Póvez, and F. Gana [pg. 317]

Effects of Climatic Parameters on Fruit Growth of Satsuma Mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.) in Jeju Island, Korea 
C.M. Kim, S.W. Kho, Y.E. Moon, and D.K. Moon [pg. 317]


C32 and C35 Citrange: Possible New Rootstocks for Clementine in Corsica 
C. Jacquemond, G. Tison, D. Agostini, C. Navari, M. Roesch, and D. Vittori [pg. 321]

Performance of Two Sweet Orange Cultivars on Nine Rootstocks in Saudi Arabia 
A. Al-Jaleel, and M. Zekri [pg. 323]

Effect of Eight Citrus Rootstocks on Fruit Quality of ‘Ruby Red’ and ‘Marsh’ Grapefruits 
A.A. Ramin, and A. Alirezanezhad [pg. 329]

Results of the Citrus Rootstock Breeding Program in Uruguay 
L. Bisio, B. Vignale, P. Lombardo, and F. Carrau [pg. 332]

Comparing Tolerance of Two Citrus Rootstocks to Saline Irrigation Water 
C. Germanà, A. Continella, and V. Sardo 
[pg. 337]

Effect of Rootstocks on Performance and Hormone Content of Satsuma Mandarin 
S. Kusaba, M. Uchida, F. Takishita, a n d I. Yamaguchi [pg. 341]

The Quest for Seedless Citrus Fruit 
G.H. Barry [pg. 346]

Determination of Yield and Fruit Characters of Some ‘Washington’ Navel Orange [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osb.] Clones Selected in Turkey 
A. Uzun, T. Yesiloglu, and O. Tuzcu [pg. 347]

Clementine Industry in Morocco: Evolution and Perspectives 
E.B. Nadori, and A. Nhami [pg. 350]

Nadorcott Mandarin: A Promising New Variety 
E.B. Nadori [pg. 356]

Clementine Mandarin Production in South Africa 
G.H. Barry, and E. Rabe [pg. 360]

Field Evaluation of Nulessín, a Clementine with Reduced Fertility 
M.J. Asins, J. Puchades, J.A. Pina, J.R. Castell, and E.A. Carbonell [pg. 364]

The Origins of Red Pigmented Grapefruits and the Development of New Varieties 
J.V. da Graça, E.S. Louzada, and J.W. Sauls [pg. 369]

Performance of Some Orange Cultivars on Sour Orange and Carrizo ‘Citrange’ Rootstocks in Southern Sardinia 
R. Zurru, G. Chessa, and B. Deidda [pg. 375]

Evaluation of 17 Citrus reticulata Varieties and Hybrids in Western Sicily 
F. Calabrese, F. Barone, G. Peri, and G.P. Bellavia [pg. 380]

Characterization and Improvement of Potential Productivity of 'Nova' Mandarin in Uruguay 
F. Rivas, C. Fraschini, M. Lanfranco, A. Borges, M. Espino, A. Gravina, and J. Franco [pg. 385]

Field Performance Diversity among Shoot-Tip Grafted ‘Caffin’ Clementine Lines in Corsica 
J. Bouffin, C. Jacquemond, J.M. Gandoin, and V.Paolacci. [pg. 392]

‘TDE2’ Mandarin Hybrid (Shasta Gold® Mandarin), ‘TDE3’ Mandarin Hybrid (Tahoe Gold® Mandarin), and ‘TDE4’ Mandarin Hybrid (Yosemite Gold® Mandarin): Three New Mid and Late-Season Triploid Seedless Mandarin Hybrids from California 
T.E. Williams, and M.L. Roose [pg. 394]

New Triploid Hybrids of Citrus in Italy 
G. Russo, G. Reforgiato Recupero, and S. Recupero [pg. 399]

New Genotypes for Ornamental Citrus Tree in Italy 
S. Recupero, G. Russo, G. Reforgiato Recupero, A. Caruso, and F. Caldarera [pg. 402]

Abstracts - Rootstocks and Scions [pg. 405-408]

Triploid Fresh Citrus Fruit Breeding at the UFCitrus Research and Education Center 
F.G. Gmitter, Jr., Y. Wang, L. Wang, M.K. Wendell, P. Zhou, and J.W. Grosser [pg. 405]

Preliminary Results on Fingerprinting Lemon Genotypes Tolerant to Mal Secco (Phoma tracheipfhila) Disease by RAPD markers 
Y. Aka-Kacar, O. Tuzcu, T. Yesiloglu, M. Ulas, and B. Yildirim [pg. 405]

The DBGERMO II Desktop System for an Easy Documentation of Citrus Germplasm Collections 
J. Tillería, and C.M. Anderson [pg. 405]

Yield and Fruit Quality of Sweet Orange Early Cultivars for Processing 
E.S. Stuchi, L.C. Donadio, S.R. Silva, D. Perecin, O.R. Sempionato, J.A.A. Silva, and E.T. Reiff [pg. 405]

Optimisation of Genetic Variation in the Selection of Citrus Rootstocks Tolerant to Salinity in Morocco (Mandarinier cléopâtre, Lime rangpur, Citrus volkamérianaPoncirus trifoliataCitrus aurantium
R. Ramdan, N. Handaji, M. Ait Hadou, M. Afellah, and H. Chlyah [pg. 406]

Performance of Valencia and Navel Orange Varieties Under Tropical Dry Conditions of Mexico 
V.M. Medina-Urrutia, J.G. Garza-López, and M.M. Robles-González [pg. 406]

Comparison of “Comune” Clementine With two Spontaneous Mutations: ‘Grosso Puglia’ and ‘Fedele’ 
G. Russo [pg. 406]

Clementine “Angiulli”: An Early Ripening Mutation of the Clementine “Comune” 
G. Russo [pg. 406]

Manipulation of Alternate Bearing: The Case of the ‘Nour’ Clementine Mandarin 
M. El-Otmani, and C.J. Lovatt [pg. 407]

Decision Support System for Fruit Quality Management of the Corsican Clementine 
J. Bouffin, J.M. Gandoin, V. Paolacci, and X. Perrier [pg. 407]

Behavior of Seedless Mandarin Varieties in the Southwestern Region of São Paulo State, Brazil 
R.M. Pio, R. de S. Borges, and G.W. Müller [pg. 407]

The Role of Clementines in the Spanish Citrus Industry 
S. Zaragoza, and L. Navarro [pg. 407]

Effect of Salt Stress in Diploid and Tetraploid Citrus Rootstocks 
B. Saleh, D. Dambier, J.M. Gandoin, P. Ollitrault, and R. Morillon [pg. 408]


Messenger®, a New Tool for Plant Health and Crop Production 
Z. Wei [pg. 439]

Messenger®, a Plant Health Regulator for Citrus – Results from Spain 2001-2003 
P. Kaul, and F. Martinez [pg. 444]

Influence of Rootstock on Fruit Sugar Composition of Citrus Cultivars in Japan 
F. Takishita, M. Uchida, and S. Kusaba [pg. 447]

Sucrose Transport into Developing ‘Murcott’ Mandarin Juice Cells 
E. Etxeberria, P. Gonzalez, and J. Pozueta- Romero [pg. 452]

Effect of Cross-Pollination between 'Marisol' Mandarin and ‘Fortune’ Mandarin on Fruit Set and Sugar Content 
C. Mesejo, A. Martínez-Fuentes, C. Reig, M. Juan, V. Almela, and M. Agustí [pg. 459]

Flower Ontogeny in Mexican Lime (C. aurantifolia L.) 
T. Mizani, N. Abdollah Zadeh, and M.R. Dadpour [pg. 462]

Comparative Study of Floral Development of ‘Valencia’ and ‘Frost’ Navel Sweet Oranges (C. sinensis [L.] Osb.) 
T. Mizani, N. Abdollah Zadeh, and M.R. Dadpour [pg. 467]

Ralex® – A New Growth Regulator Formulation Used for Flower Suppression in Navel Oranges 
T. Khurshid 
[pg. 475]

The Potential Use of GA3 and Urea to Manipulate Flowering and Reduce the Alternate-Bearing Pattern of the 'Nour' Clementine Mandarin 
L. Benhamou, M. El-Otmani, M. Goumari, and M. Talhi, L. Charif, I. Srairi, and C.J. Lovatt [pg. 479]

Prediction of Final Fruit Size at Early Stages of Fruit Development for ‘Washington’ Navel Oranges in Australia with Cubic Smoothing Spline Models 
T. Khurshid, and K.B. Bevington [pg. 484]

Fruit Size Enhancement of Florida Citrus Using Pruning, NAA, and Winter GA3 
E.W. Stover, S. M., Ciliento, and J.J. Salvatore [pg. 488]

Crop Manipulation with Ralex® to Enhance Fruit Size of ‘Navel’ Orange 
T. Khurshid, and K.B. Bevington [pg. 492]

Enhancing Citrus Fruit Size: An Overview of Opportunities and Achievements in Israel 
Y. Erner, E. Tagari, M. Hamou, and I. Katzir [pg. 495]

Effect of Gibberellic Acid (GA3) and Winter Pruning on Production of ‘Nova’ Mandarin in the Gharb (Morocco) 
Z. Messaoudi, M. Rezzoug, and A. Aït Houssa [pg. 502]

Crop Regulation of ‘Orr’ Mandarin by Plant Growth Regulators Sprays and Girdling 
J. Greenberg, N. Rotman, I. Kaplan, Y. Erner, and Z. Asor [pg. 505]

Dichlorprop increased the size of navel oranges 
P.T. Gallasch, and M.D. Staniford [pg. 508]

Effects of Different Rootstocks and Posıtıons of the Tree Canopy Sectors on Fruit Yıeld and Qualıty of The ‘Washıngton’ Navel Orange 
B. Yıldırım, Ö. Tuzcu, and T.Yeşiloğlu [pg. 515]

Citrus Fruit Reduce Summer and Fall Vegetative Shoot Growth and Return Bloom 
J.S. Verreynne, and C.J. Lovatt [pg. 520]

Heavy Fruit Load and Late harvest Inhibit Flowering of the ‘Nour’ Clementine Mandarin 
M. El-Otmani, M. Goumari, L. Wakkar, I. Srairi, A. Lbrek, L. Charif, and C.J. Lovatt [pg. 525]

Factors Affecting the Occurrence of Creasing in Citrus Fruit 
S.F. du Plessis, and J.G.J. Maritz [pg. 528]

Fruit Set and Abscission in Citrus: The Pivotal Role of Hormones and Photoassimilates 
D.J. Iglesias, I. Lliso, F.R. Tadeo, E. Primo-Millo, and M. Talon [pg. 531]

Effect of KNO3 and Superbiol® on Production of ‘Nova’ Mandarin in the Gharb (Morocco) 
Z. Messaoudi, M. Rezzoug, and A. Aït Houssa [pg. 537]

Early Prediction of Fruit Diameter, and Percentage of Fruits Reaching the Commercial Size at Harvest 
V. Severino, A. Gravina, and J.E. Franco [pg. 539]

Effect of Paclobutrazol on Vegetative Growth, Flowering and Fruiting of the ‘Nour’ Clementine, an Alternate Bearing Cultivar 
M. El-Otmani, M. Goumari, M. Talhi, L. Wakkar, I. Srairi, and C.J. Lovatt [pg. 543]

Abstracts - Physiology [pg. 546-547]

Foliar-Applied Tryptophan Increases Yield and Fruit Quality of Citrus sinensis 
L.J. Pillitteri, I. Bertling, L. Xiao, C.M. Gonzalez, and C.J. Lovatt [pg. 546]

Effect of Gibberellic Acid (GA3) and Ethephon Application on Fruit Production Regulation of ‘Nour’ Clementine Mandarin 
M.C. Benismail, and L. Agendich [pg. 546]

Effect of Different Harvest Dates and Pruning Severity on Yield and Fruit Quality of “Maltaise demi-sanguine” Orange Tree 
R. Bouhlal, M. Ben Mimoun, and R. Hellali [pg. 546]

Foliar Carbohydrate Content and Flowering in Citrus 
A. Martínez-Fuentes, C. Mesejo, M. Juan, V. Almela, and M. Agustí [pg. 546]

Polyamine Content During Ripening of Fruits of Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck, clone Braziliano 92 
M.A. Germanà, A. Tassoni, and N. Bagni 
[pg. 547]

Efficacy of Plant Growth Regulators and Fertilizers to Increase Fruit Set and Fruit Size of ‘Fina Sodea’ Clementine Mandarins in California 
C.T. Chao, C.J. Lovatt, and L. Ferguson [pg. 547]


Integrated Management Practices for Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) Production under Rainfed Laterite Soil of West Bengal, India 
S.N. Ghosh [pg. 551]

Effects of Irrigation and Nitrogen Management on Soil Moisture, Stem Water Potential, Fruit Yield and Quality in a Citrus Orchard 
C. Montaña, A. Quiñones, B. Gornat, M.C. González, B. Martínez-Alcántara, E. Primo-Millo, and F. Legaz [pg. 558]

Regulated Deficit Irrigation in Clemenules Mandarin Trees Grafted on Cleopatra Mandarin and Carrizo Citrange 
F. Garcia-Sanchez, J.G. Perez, P. Romero, P. Botia, and V. Martinez [pg. 566]

SPAD Utilization to Determine Nutritional Status in Orange Trees 
M.L. Calabretta, A. Giuffrida, A. Leonardi, F. Intrigliolo, H. Merle, and M. Agustì [pg. 571]

Effects of Nitrogen Form and Rate on Growth of Three Citrus Rootstocks 
M. Ghasemnezhad, Z. Zamani, Y. Ebrahimi , and G.R. Savaghebi [pg. 576]

Effect of Nitrogen Levels on Some Physical, Physiological and Chemical Characteristics of Young ‘Lane Late’ Orange Trees Fertigated by Drip Irrigation 
M.R. Menino, M.C. Matos, C. Carranca, J. Semedo, N. Marques, A. Matos, J. Baeta, J.C. Tomás, M.J. Silva, and A. de Varennes[pg. 580]

Improvement of the Eco-Efficiency of N Fertilization Using the Nitrification Inhibitor (DMPP) in Citrus under Drip Irrigation 
B. Martínez-Alcántara, J. Bañuls, E. Primo-Millo, F. Legaz, L. Pazzaglia, M. Tagliavini, and B. Ricarte [pg. 583]

Fate and Uptake Efficiency of 15N Applied With Different Seasonal Distributions in Citrus Trees 
A. Quiñones, M.C. González, C. Montaña, E. Primo-Millo and F. Legaz [pg. 587]

Influence of Different N Rates on Some Physical, Chemical and Organoleptic Characteristics of Young ‘Lane Late’ Oranges 
M.R. Menino, C. Carranca, M.A. Castelo-Branco, A.N. Martins, C. Gomes, J.C. Tomás, J. Baeta, and A. de Varennes [pg. 593]

Supplemental Nitrate Stimulates Photosynthesis and Improves Growth of Young Salt Stressed Citrus Trees 
D.J. Iglesias, F.R. Tadeo, E. Primo-Millo, M. Talon, Y. Levy, and A. Gómez-Cadenas [pg. 596]

Potassium Nitrate Can Replace Urea Foliar Spray in Citrus 
Y. Erner, and H. Ya’acov [pg. 601]

Collapse of ‘Encore’ Mandarin due to Nutritional Deficiencies 
E. Protopapadakis, J. Papadakis, J. Therios, and J. Kasapakis [pg. 605]

Simultaneous Soil Application of Iron Chelates and Bioregulators: General Effects on Citrus Plants Cultivated in an Alkaline and Calcareous Soil 
J. Bernal, AM. Zamarreño, R.G. Cantera, and JM. Garcia-Mina [pg. 609]

The Effect of Girdling, Fe-Chelate and Sea Weed Extract Applications on Fruit Yield and Quality of Clementine Mandarin 
Z. Eryi lmaz, and T. Ye şiloğlًu [pg. 614]

Is Boron Mobile or Immobile in Citrus? 
A.E. Boaretto, R.M. Boaretto, T.L.M. Contin, and T. Muraoka [pg. 617]

Boron Absorption and Boron Mobility in Citrus Plants 
R.M. Boaretto, A.C.S. Bellato, M.F. Giné, D.H. Silva, A.E. Boaretto, and F.A.A Mourão Filho [pg. 621]

Effects of Salinity on 'Valencia' Orange in a Humid Climate 
B.J. Boman [pg. 626]

Antioxidative Response to Salt Stress in Different NaCl-Tolerant Citrus Cell Lines 
A.L Ferreira, S. Ferreira, A. Duarte, and M.E Lima-Costa [pg. 634]

Strategies to Manage Salinity Problems in Citrus 
M. Zekri [pg. 639]

Response of the Antioxidant Machinery of Two Citrus Rootstocks (‘Cleopatra’ mandarin and ‘Carrizo’ citrange) to Salt Stress 
V. Arbona, J. Jacas, and A. Gómez-Cadenas [pg. 644]

Application of Organic Fertilisers in a Orange Orchard in Southern Italy: Effects on Soil Fertility, Trees Nutritional Status, Yield and Quality of Fruits 
B. Torrisi, A. Giuffrida, F. Stagno, F. Intrigliolo, S. Canali, A. Trinchera, L. Pompili, and L. Nisini [pg. 649]

Yield and Soil Fertility Comparison among Organic Citrus and Conventional Fertilised Orange Orchards in Southern Italy 
M.L. Calabretta, B.F. Torrisi, M. Allegra, P. Rapisarda, F. Intrigliolo, S.Canali, A. Trinchera, E. Di Bartolomeo, and L. Nisini 
[pg. 654]

New Markers to Differentiate Between Organic Citrus and Conventional Citrus Fruits 
P. Rapisarda, M.L. Calabretta, G. Romano and F. Intrigliolo [pg. 658]

Citrus Waste as Matrix for Compost Production 
M. L.Calabretta, A. Giuffrida, F. Intrigliolo, F. Tittarelli, A. Trinchera, E. Di Bartolomeo, F. Pierandrei, A. Salerno, and E. Rea [pg. 663]

Effects of Water Stress on Leaf Abscission and Fruit Abscission in ‘Lane Late’ Citrus Trees (Citrus sinensis L.) Grown on Different Rootstocks 
J. Perez, I. Garcia-Oller, J.M. Navarro, I. Porras, P. Botía, and P. Romero [pg. 668]

Effect of Water Stress on Soluble Solids and Acidity in Various Sized Fruit of Satsuma Mandarin 
D.-G. Moon, S.W. Ko, Y.H. Kim, and Y.H. Choi [pg. 674]

Recovery of a Previously-Salinized Citrus Crop. Repercussions in the Soil and Plant 
J.M. Navarro, M. Sánchez-Baños, P. Romero, A. Gómez, J. Tristán, and P. Botía 
[pg. 679]

Abstracts - Nutrition and Irrigation [pg. 686-687]

Differential Response of Nonbearing Citrus Trees on Selected Rootstocks to N, P and K Fertilization 
D. Mattos, Jr., J.A. Quaggio, and H. Cantarella [pg. 686]

Effect of Different Fertilisation and Irrigation Managements on Yield and Mineral Status of “Maltaise Demi-Sanguine” Orange Tree 
R. Bouhlal, M. Ben Mimoun, and R. Hellali [pg. 686]

Complementary Effect of Foliar Spray of KNO3 on Mineral Status, Yield and Fruit Quality in Citrus Orchards 
J. Bañuls, A. Quiñones, E. Primo-Millo, and F. Legaz [pg. 686]

Strategies for Organic Fertilization of young Clementine Trees in Southern Brazil 
G. Sorrenti, V. Bianchi, A.D. Rombola, B. Marangoni, and J.C. Fachinello [pg. 687]

Fate of P Availability in a Young ‘Lane Late’ Orchard Fertigated by Drip Irigation as Affected by N Fertilisation 
M.G. Serrão, M.R. Menino, M.J. Neves, C. Carranca, and M.L. Fernandes [pg. 687]

Production of organic sour orange rootstocks 
Y. El Gharras, K. Djelouah, V. Simeone, M. De Santis, A.M. D’Onghia [pg. 687]


Synergy among Mineral Nutrition, Phyto- Regulation and Plant Defense Mechanisms in Citrus Protection: a Complementary Alternative 
I. D’Isidoro, and JMª. Garcia-Mina [pg. 691]

Management of Citrus Canker in Argentina. A Review
B.I. Canteros [pg. 696]

Citrus Canker Diagnosis by Tissue Printing 
R.M. Haelterman, S.F. Nome, D.A. Ducasse, and BI Canteros [pg. 705]

Citrus Canker (Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri) Host Resistance in Different Localities of Argentina Northeast: Genotype-Environment Interaction 
H. M. Zubrzycki, A. Diamante, L. Giménez, and I. Manoiloff [pg. 708]

Citrus Canker Control: Sprayer Effect, Products and Time of Application 
H. Mara, and W. Ibañez [pg. 714]

CVC-Associated Vectors in ‘Valencia’ Orange of Corrientes, Argentina 
V. M. Beltrán, S. Cáceres, H. Zubrzycki, D. Ploper, E. Willink, and H. Jaldo [pg. 721]

Evaluation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae as Biocontrol Agent of Citrus Green Mould 
A. Catara, G. Cirvilleri, V. Coco, S. Di Silvestro, L. Strano, and A. Campisano [pg. 725]

Inhibition of Phoma Tracheiphila by Pseudomonads in Citrus Seedlings 
V. Coco, V. Grimaldi, V. Catara, G. Licciardello, G. Cirvilleri, S. Grasso, and A. Catara [pg. 729]

Efficacy of Biocontrol Agents against Citrus Root Rot Caused by Phytophthora nicotianae 
A. Ippolito, T. Yaseen, L. Schena, and F. Nigro [pg. 733]

Activity of Chitosan against Citrus Root Rot Due to Phytophthora nicotianae 
V. Campanella, A. Ippolito, F. Nigro, and L. Schena [pg. 738]

Development of Peudothecia, Ascospores, and Epiphytic Growth of Mycosphaerella citri, the Cause of Citrus Greasy Spot 
S.N. Mondal, and L.W. Timmer [pg. 744]

Citrus Fruit and Leaf Spot Disease Caused by Phaeoramularia angolensis: Evaluating the Risk and Elaborating Strategies for Disease Control in Tropical Africa 
J. Kuate, B. Manga, A. Picard, C. Dubois, X. Perrier, and C. Vernière [pg. 748]

Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Citrus Scab on Lemons 
A.R. Harty, and A.M. Little [pg. 752]

Inter and Intraspecific Variation of Phytophthora from Citrus Trees in Corsica 
S. Cohen, V. Allasia, P. Venard, S. Notter, F. Panabières, A. Dubois, B. Raffanel, and C. Vernière [pg. 755]

Localized Eradication of Citrus Black Spot of Citrus 
A. de Goes, V.Z. Rodas, T.H.Z. Rodas, M.J.G. Beretta, and K.S. Derrick [pg. 759]

Effect of Different Copper Formulations on Citrus Scab (Elsinoe Fawcetti Bitancourt & Jenk.) Control in Lemon, & Residual Activity on Leaves and Fruit 
H. Mara, and L. Díaz [pg. 762]

Fungicide Evaluation for Citrus Postbloom Fruit Drop Control 
A. de Goes, R.B. Baldassari, and F. Tannuri [pg. 768]

Survey on the Main Citrus Decline-Inducing Pathogens (Fungi and Viruses) in the Region of Cap Bon, Tunisia: Preliminary Results 
A. Khlij, K. Djelouah, A.M. D’Onghia, A. Ippolito, M.R. Hajlaoui, A. Najar, and N. Ben Mechlia [pg. 771]

Sudden Death of Citrus in Brazil: a Grafttransmissible, Tristeza-like, Bud Union Disease 
M.P. Roman, M. Cambra, J. Juarez, P. Moreno, N. Duran Vila, F.A.O. Tanaka, E. Alves, E.W. Kitajima, P.T. Yamamoto, R.B. Bassanezi, D.C. Teixeira, W.C. Jesus Junior, A.J. Ayres, N. Gimenes-Fernandes, F. Rabenstein, L.F. Girotto, and J.M. Bové [pg. 778]

Citrus Tristeza Virus (CTV): A Serious Threat to the Italian Citrus Groves 
M. Davino, S. Davino, M. Barba, A. Caruso, M. Guardo, A. D’Onghia, and V. Savino [pg. 790]

New Protocol to Detect Citrus Viroids 
M. Guardo, G. Sorrentino, T. Marletta, G. Boninelli, A. Caruso, and S. Davino [pg. 794]

Sequence Variability of CVd-III in a Single Infected Citrus Tree 
A. Elleuch, M. Marrakchi, H. Fakhfakh, D. Lévesque, and J.P. Perreault, and N. Bessais [pg. 798]

Incidence of Virus Citrus Tristeza in Chile, and Strain Characterization 
X.A. Besoain, M.C. Simpson, C. Canales, F. Ramella, M. Valenzuela, M. Castro, L. Torelli, and M. Cambra [pg. 803]

Stubborn: Genetic Diversity of Spiroplasma citri in California 
B. Rangel, and R.R. Krueger [pg. 806]

Identification of Citrus Viroids in Tunisia 
A. Elleuch, H. Fakhfakh, M. Marrakchi, and N. Bessais [pg. 810]

Screening Selected Citrus Germplasm for Resistance to Witches’ Broom Disease of Lime 
I.A. Khan, R.F. Lee, J.W. Grosser, and J. Hartung [pg. 814]

Economic Losses Caused by Witches’ Broom Disease of Lime and Some Management Practices in Shinas Area of Oman 
A.M. Al Saadi, I.A. Khan, and M.L. Deadman 
[pg. 817]

Abstracts - Pathogens and their Control [pg. 819-823]

Current Status of Field Fungal Diseases and Their Control in Moroccan Citrus Groves 
M. Achouri [pg. 819]

Distribution and Control of Alternaria brown Spot on Tangerines and Their Hybrids in Brazil 
N.A.R. Peres, and L.W. Timmer [pg. 819]

Outbreak of Phytophthora gummosis of Citrus in Spain 
A. Vicent, L.A. Alvarez, P. Martínez-Culebras, P. Abad-Campos, J. Armengol, J. García-Jiménez, F. Alfaro-Lassala, and E. De la Rosa [pg. 819]

Geographical Distribution and Pathogen Population Structure of Alternaria Brown Spot of Citrus in Spain 
A. Vicent, P. Martínez-Culebras, P. Abad- Campos, J. Badal, M.J. Asensi, J. Armengol, F. Alfaro-Lassala, and J. García-Jiménez[pg. 819]

Control of citrus Black Spot (Guignardia citricarpa) and SCAB (Elsinoe australis) by Spraying of Biofertilizer 
K.C. Kupper, W. Bettiol, P.S. Souza de, J.A.M. Bellotte, and V.Z. Rodas [pg. 820]

Control of Citrus Black Spot (Guignardia Citricarpa) by Combinations of Protectant and Systemic Fungicides in Brazil 
A. Goes de, and K.C. Kupper [pg. 820]

Physiological Aspects of Sweet Orange ‘Pera’ (Citrus sinensis L. Osb) Affected by Xylella fastidiosa 
E.C. Machado, and R.F. Oliveira [pg. 820]

In Planta Expression Profile of Pathogenicity Genes of Xylella fastidiosa 
A.A. Souza, M.A. Takita, E.O. Pereira, H.D. Coletta-Filho, and M.A. Machado [pg. 821]

Genetic Diversity of Xylella fastidiosa From Citrus and Coffee Based on Pulsed Field Electrophoresis Analysis 
L.M. Nunes, F.M.S. Carvalho, and R.P. Leite Jr [pg. 821]

Characterization of genes differentially regulated in canker infected leaves 
B. El Yacoubi, and D.W. Gabriel [pg. 821]

Genetic Diversity of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv citri Based on Pasmid Profile on Pulsed Field Electrophoresis 
F.M. Carvalho, L.P.C. Caramori, L.M. Nunes, V. Rossini, and R.P. Leite Jr [pg. 821]

A Functional Screen in Xanthomonas axonopodis pv citri for Genes Related to Cellulose Degradation 
A.M. Amaral, do1, C.P. Toledo, J.C. Baptista, G. Astua-Monge, and M.A. Machado [pg. 822]

Detection of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv citri in Naturally and Artificially Infected Citrus Plants by PCR Using a New Set of Primers 
H.D. Coletta-Filho, M.A. Takita, A.A.I. Souza, J.R. Neto, S.A.L. Detéfano, and M.A. Machado [pg. 822]

Protection Against Xanthomonas Infections Through Hyper-Production of Dsf. 
M.R. Marano, P. Filippone, L. Abramowicz, P. Torres, J. Huergo, A.P. Castagnaro, J.C. Díaz Ricci, G. Torres Leal, and A.A. Vojnov[pg. 822]

Epidemiology of Citrus Tristeza Virus in Citrus clementina in Spain 
M. Cambra, M.T. Gorris, M.C. Martínez, M.P. Román, C. Marroquín, J.R. Castel, I. Trenor, S. Zaragoza, A. Olmos, E. Bertolini, A. Hermoso de Mendoza, and A. López [pg. 823]

Severity of Citrus Tristeza Virus Isolates in Texas 
C.M. Herron, N. Solís-Gracia, C.J. Kahlke, M. Skaria, T.E. Mirkov, and J.V. da Graça [pg. 823]

Multiplex RT-PCR for The Detection of the Most Important Citrus Viruses in Brazil 
J. Freitas-Astua, E.C. Locali, R. Antonioli, G. Astúa-Monge, M.L.N.P. Targon, and M.A. Machado [pg. 823]

Use of Specific Primers for the Detection of Citrus Leprosis Virus in Citrus Stems, Fruits and the Mite Vector 
J. Freitas-Astua, E.C. Locali, R. Antonioli, V. Rodrigues, E.W. Kitajima, and M.A. Machado [pg. 823]


The Integrated Management of Pests and Diseases in New Zealand Citrus 
K.R. Pyle, and P.S. Stevens [pg. 855]

Non Chemical Protection of Young Clementine Trees against Leaf Miner [Phyllocnistis citrella Staiton] with Insect-proof Polypropylene and Polyester Bagging 
O. Pailly, J. Gaillard, and M. Crestey [pg. 859]

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Vedalia Beetle Rodolia cardinalis for Cottony Cushion Scale Icerya purchasi, Control 
E.E. Grafton-Cardwell, and P. Gu [pg. 865]

Additional Data on Hymenoptera Parasitoids of Citrus Scales in Sicily 
G. Siscaro, S. Longo, G. Mazzeo, and P. Suma [pg. 870]

An Assembly Unit for Mass Rearing of Aphytis melinus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) for Biological Control of Aonidiella aurantii (Homoptera: Diaspididae) in Sicily 
E. Raciti, and F. Saraceno [pg. 874]

Recovery and Establishment of Hymenopterous Parasitoids Released for Biological Control of the Diaprepes Root Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Florida. 
J.E. Peña, R. Duncan, D.G. Hall, S.L. Lapointe, R. Nguyen, C.W. McCoy, A.B. Hoyte, D.M. Amalin, P.A. Stansly, and R.C. Adair [pg. 879]

Entomopathogenic Nematodes and Biological Control of the Root Weevil Diaprepes abbreviatus in Florida Citrus: Virulence of New Strains of Steinernema riobrave 
R.J. Stuart, C.W. McCoy, D. I. Shapiro-Ilan, R.R. James, and K.B. Nguyen [pg. 885]

Indigenous Vectors of Citrus Pathogens in Southern Africa Now More Challenging 
T.G. Grout [pg. 889]

Fluctuations of Woolly Whitefly, Aleurothrixus floccosus (Maskell) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) and Citrus Red Mite, Panonychus citri (McGregor) (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Chilean Citrus Orchards 
R. Ripa, F. Rodríguez, and P. Larral [pg. 895]

Citrus Thrips Monitoring Methods in Eastern Sicily 
G. Perrotta, F. Conti, R. Fisicaro, S. Vecchio, D. Cartabellotta, and C.C. Pedrotti [pg. 900]

Paenibacillus sp. impairs the Insecticidal Efficacy of the Entomopathogenic Nematode Steinernema diaprepesi 
F.E. El-Borai, and L.W. Duncan [pg. 904]

Aphytis melinus Augmentative Releases to Contain Red Scale Infestation in Eastern Sicily ‘Tarocco’ Orange Orchards 
R. Tumminelli, F. Saraceno, E. Raciti, U. Maltese, C. Pedrotti, R. Maugeri, A. Strano, S. Colazza [pg. 910]

Soil Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron Associated with Root Weevil Distribution and Citrus Tree Decline: A Case Study in Florida 
H. Li, J.P. Syvertsen, R.J. Stuart, C.W. McCoy, A.W. Schumann, W.S. Castle [pg. 913]

Biorational Management of Citrus Leafminer in Nursery Cultivated Ornamental Citrus in Sicily 
F. Conti, R. Fisicaro, U. Maltese, C. Amico, and S. Colazza [pg. 918]

Bionomics of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Phyllocnistinae) in the southern part of Montenegro 
S. Radonjić [pg. 924]

Successful Acclimatization of the Parasitoid Ageniaspis citricola in Reunion Island for the Biological Control of the Citrus Leaf Miner 
S. Quilici, A. Franck, C. Simiand, and J.C. Malausa [pg. 933]

Radiation Biology and Inherited Sterility in False Codling Moth: Implications for Developing Areawide Control Tactics in Citrus 
S. Bloem, J. E. Carpenter, and J. H. Hofmeyr [pg. 937]

Acceptability and Suitability of Eggs from Irradiated False Codling Moth as Hosts for Trichogrammatoidea cryptophlebiae: Potential for Combining Biological Control and SIT in Citrus 
J. E. Carpenter, S. Bloem, and J. H. Hofmeyr [pg. 941]

Area-Wide Control of the Medfly in the Arava/Araba Valley of Israel and Jordan: a Pilot Test for SIT-Based Suppression in Large Commercial Fruit Production Areas 
Y. Rossler, M. Bahdousheh, M. M. Weiss, E. Ravins, M. Omari, M. El Hamalawi, A. Almughayyar, and J.P. Cayol [pg. 946]

Potential for Medfly (Ceratitis capitata Wied.) Control in Croatia 
M. Bjeliš [pg. 953]

Research on Medfly Population Ecology in Greece and other Mediterranean Regions 
N.T. Papadopoulos, and B.I. Katsoyannos [pg. 960]

Influence of Some Physiological Parameters on the Response to Visual Stimuli and Olfactory Stimuli in Ceratitis capitata Females 
S. Quilici, L. Nergel, and A. Franck [pg. 966]

A Two-Year Evaluation of Medfly [Ceratitis capitata Wied.] Trapping Systems in Corsica 
G. Tison, G. Paolacci, and P. Martin [pg. 970]

Research on Medfly Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) Trapping in Spain 
A. Alemany, R. Alonso, D. Alonso, M.A. Miranda, and C. Martín Escorza [pg. 976]

Control Measures for Fruit Flies in Morocco 
M. Bounfour, and F. Bakkali [pg. 985]

Effect of Exogenous Application of Gibberelic Acid on ‘Pera’ Oranges in São Paulo, Brazil: Entomological and Horticultural Aspects 
A. Malavasi, A.L.A. Duarte, J.A. Silva, P.D. Greany, and R.E. McDonald [pg. 988]

Abstracts - Insects/Mites/Nematodes and their Control [pg. 991-996]

Food Web Involvement in the Regulation of Citrus Pests and Diseases by Entomopathogenic Nematodes 
L. Duncan [pg. 991]

Treatment Threshold for Diaspidid Scales based on fruit infestation at harvest 
F. Garcia-Marí, P. Hernández-Penadés, J.M. Rodríguez-Reina, A. Alonso, and E. Rodrigo [pg. 991]

The Use of Aphytis melinus for the Control of California Red Scale in Citrus Growing Region of Souss in Morocco 
A. Rizqi, M. Bouchakour, A. Aberbach, and M. Nia [pg. 991]

AGRI-50 a non Toxic Pesticide for the Management of Citrus Scale Pests 
B. Murphy, A. Hanafi, T. Cuneo, S. Tazi, I. Srairi, and Y. Chiguer [pg. 991]

Biocontrol Approches Against the Major Pests of Citrus in Morocco : Recent Achievements at the Agriclutral Domains 
T. Bihi, A. Rochd, M. Nia, A. Rizqi, and M. Zemzami [pg. 992]

Phenology and Population Dynamics of California Red Scale (Aonidiella Aurantii Maskell) on Valencia Late in the Souss Region of Morocco 
A. Mazih, M. Abbassi, and A. Kébir [pg. 992]

Comparison of Oviposition Behavior of Anagyrus pseudococci Girault and Leptomastix dactylopii Howard (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), Two Parasitoids of Planococcus Citri (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) 
J.M. Campos Rivela, J. Valldeperez Baiges, and M.T. Martínez-Ferrer [pg. 992]

Distribution and Sampling Methods of the Two Spotted Mite Tetranychus urticae KOCH (Acari: Tetranychidae) Population in Citrus Clementine Groves in Spain 
M.T. Martínez-Ferrer, J.A. Jacas, J.L. Ripollés Molés, J.M. fibla, R. Monfort, F. Obiol, S. Aucejo, and A. Gómez Cadenas [pg. 992]

Web-Based Reporting of Abundance of Adult Diaprepes Root Weevils from Six Sites in Florida Using Tedders Traps, 2001-2003 
S.H. Futch, and M. Zekri [pg. 993]

Development of the Parasitoid Quadrastichus haitiensis (Hymenoptera : Eulophidae) in Eggs of the Diaprepes Root Weevil 
J. Castillo, and J.E. Peña [pg. 993]

Entomophagous Management for the Citrus Pest Control in Cuba 
C. González, A. Beltrán, D. Hernàndez, and J.R. Tapia [pg. 993]

Phyllocnistis citrella Stt. and DiaphorinacCitri Kuw., Current Situation in the Cuban Citriculture 
C. González, M. Borges, D. Hernàndez, and J. Tapia [pg. 993]

Managing California Red Scale in Citrus Groves in Morocco: from Calendar Spraying to Intelligent Chemical Control 
A. Hanafi, S. Ouraich, M. Zaki, and M. Baamou 994 A Preliminary Study on the Mode of Action of Certain Medicinal Plants on Citrus and Root Knot Nematodes 
S.A. Haroon, and E. Osman [pg. 994]

Predation and Suppression of Prey Population of Amblyseius Fallacis (Acari: Phytoseiidae) to Ppanonychus Citri (Acari: Tetranychidae) on Citrus in Korea 
K. Dong-Hwan, K. Kwang-Sik, H. Jae-Wook, L. Seong-Chan, and L. Han-Cheol [pg. 994]

Present Status and Biological Control of Whiteflies (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in Citrus Crops in Spain 
A. Soto, F. Garcia-Marí, and F. Ohlenschlaeger [pg. 994]

Performance of Spinosad Bait Formulation for the Control of Ceratitis capitata on Citrus Crops in Mediterranean Countries 
P. Vergoulas, M. Lysandrou, X. Schmid, C. Jousseaume, C. Mavrotas, M. Torne, E. Alimi, S. Temerak, and G. Thompson [pg. 995]

Experiences and Impact in The Complementation of Detection and Management Program of Fruit Flies in Cuban Citrus. Research Advances 
M. Borges, A. Beltrán, M. Gómez, D. Rodríguez, O. Otero, T. Castro Lopez, I. Cáceres, A. De la Osa, J. Rodríguez Tapia, D. Hernández, and J.C. Casin [pg. 995]

Spatial and Temporal Distribution, and Population Dynamics of The Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis Capitata Wiedemann), in the Souss Area (Morocco) A. Mazih [pg. 995]

Invasion of Exotic Polyphagous tephritid Fruit Fly Pests: a Major Threat to Commercial Citrus Production and Exports 
J.P. Cayol, W. Enkerlin, and J. Hendrichs [pg. 996]


A New Era of Postharvest Decay Control in Citrus with the Simultaneous Introduction of Three New ‘Reduced-Risk’ Fungicides 
J.E. Adaskaveg, L. Kanetis, A. Soto-Estrada, and H. Förster [pg. 999]

Role of Biotechnology in Postharvest Research of Citrus 
L. Zacarías, M.T. Lafuente, M.J. Rodrigo, J.F. Marcos, and L. González-Candelas [pg. 1005]

Current and Future Research on Reducing Citrus Fruit Peel Disorders and Maintaining Quality Fruits -
H. Dou [pg. 1011]

Alternative Control Methods to Minimize Postharvest Decay of Citrus 
G. Lanza, E. Di Martino Aleppo, and M.C. Strano [pg. 1016]

The Role of Citrus Peel Compounds in Host Recognition by P. digitatum andP. italicum 
R.R. Stange, Jr., T.G. McCollum, S.L. Midland, and J.J. Sims [pg. 1021]

Postharvest Biological Control of Green Mold of Citrus Fruits by Antagonistic yeasts 
L. Bouzerda, N. Taqarort, H. Boubaker, H. Boudyach, O. Akhayat, and A. Ait Ben Aoumar [pg. 1025]

Fruitfog-I: Smoke Generating Treatment during Citrus Degreening, Storage and Transport 
E. Conesa 
[pg. 1028]

Intermittent Warming and Fruit Quality during Long-Term Storage of Different Citrus Cultivar 
M. Mulas, A. Fadda, M. Schirra, and M. Ibba [pg. 1031]

Quality Maintenance of Valencia Oranges after Heat Treatments, Cold Quarantine and Long Term Storage 
M. Schirra, M. Pala, A. Fadda, and M. Mulas [pg. 1039]

Effect of Some Medicinal Plant Extracts on Postharvest Citrus Fruit Pathogens 
N. Ameziane, H. Boubaker, H. Boudyach, O. Akhayat, and A. Ait Ben Aoumar [pg. 1042]

Combination of Pantoea agglomerans, Hot Water and Sodium Bicarbonate, to Control the Major Postharvest Diseases in Citrus from Different Locations 
C. Nunes, T. Manso, R. Torres, J. Usall, P. Plaza, L. Palou, I. Viñas, and A. Duarte [pg. 1045]

Factors Influencing Rind Breakdown in Citrus Fruit 
P.J.J van Rensburg, P.J.R. Cronje, J. Joubert, G. Gambetta, and M. Bruwer [pg. 1051]

Foliar-Applied Aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG) Reduces Albedo Breakdown of Late- Harvested Navel Orange Fruit – Preliminary Results 
C.M. Gonzalez, C.J. Lovatt [pg. 1062]

Antioxidant Enzymatic System and Phenylalanine Ammonia-lyase in Postharvest Rind Disorders of Citrus Fruit 
J.M. Sala, L. Zacarías, M.T. Sánchez-Ballesta, F. Alférez, and M.T. Lafuente, M. Mulas [pg. 1066]

A Comparative Study of Postharvest Peel Pitting in Citrus Grown Under Florida and Spanish Conditions 
F. Alferez, and J.K. Burns, B. Octavio, B. Alqueraz, and L. Zacarias [pg. 1070]

Effects of Ethylene and 1-MCP on Gene Expression in Grapefruit Flavedo 
G. McCollum, and P. Maul [pg. 1073]

Novel Approaches to Rind Colour Enhancement of Citrus 
G.H. Barry, and A.A. van Wyk [pg. 1076]

Current Trends in Citrus Postharvest Disease Control 
T.G. McCollum [pg. 1080]

Enhancing Quality of Citrus Fruit through Better Postharvest Handling and New Approaches to Research 
M.A. Ismail, and D.J. Hall [pg. 1087]

Correlation of Colorimetric Parameters with Visual Observations in Grapefruit Varieties 
A. Conesa, F.J. Manera, J.M. Cámara, V. Alcolea, P. Botía, and I. Porras [pg. 1092]

Susceptibility of Major Grapefruit Cultivars to Postharvest Pitting and Chilling Injury Incidence in Florida 
H. Dou [pg. 1095]

Study of Rind Deviations (Creasing and Rind Breakdown) In Mandarins 
R. Martínez, and P. Melgarejo [pg. 1099]

Implementation of the Integrated Fruit Production System in the Citriculture of Argentina 
G.M. Marcó, C. Kulczycki Waskowicz, C. Anderson, G. Putruele, N.C. Vaccaro, G.N.J. Banfi, S.M. Garrán, M.A. Messina, J. Mousqués, and D. E. Vázquez . [pg. 1103]

Implementation of HACCP Programs in Algarve Citrus Fruit Packinghouses 
M. Salazar, C. Nunes, and J. Usall [pg. 1105]

Abstracts - Postharvest Biology, Technology and Pathology/Quality Management [pg. 1108-1112]

Advancing the Frontiers of Postharvest Biology and Technology of Citrus : Where We Are and Where to Go From Here 
M.A. Ismail [pg. 1108]

Impact of National and International Regulations on World Citrus Trade 
H.W. Ewart [pg. 1108]

Pre-harvest Application of Harpin Protein Leads to Postharvest Disease Suppression in Commercially Packed Lemons 
G. Wright, D. Hale, D. Holden, R. Ross, and M. Peña [pg. 1108]

Persistence of Pesticides Applied Pre-harvest on Citrus Fruits 
Z. El-Alami, R. Salghi, L. Bazzi, A. Hormatallah, E. Ait Addi, and H. Chaabene [pg. 1109]

Effect of Radiation of Light from Red to Near Infrared Ray on Content of Organic Acids in Citrus Fruits 
Y. Arimoto [pg. 1109]

Use of Methanolic Extracts Obtained of Strawberry Leaves for the Control of Postharvest Diseases in Lemons 
L.N. Sendín, A. Mamaní, P. Filippone, G.J. Torres Leal, A. Castagnaro, and J. Díaz Ricci [pg. 1109]

Effect of 1-Methylcyclopropene on the Quality of Clementine Mandarin Fruit at Ambient Temperature. 
M. Laamim, and A. Ait-Oubahou [pg. 1109]

The Initial Anatomical Characteristics of Fruit Splitting and Environmental Factors Affecting its Occurrence in Satsuma Mandarin (Citrus Unshiu Marc) Grown in Plastic Film House 
Y.E. Moon, C.M. Kim, S.W. Kho, and D.K. Moon [pg. 1110]

Physiological Fruit Disorders as Affected by Fruit- Tree Water Relationships 
M. Agustí, V. Almela, M. Juan, C. Mesejo, and A. Martínez-Fuentes [pg. 1110]

Influence of Low Temperatures on the Colorimetric Parameters L, a and b in the Lemon Varieties Fino and Eureka 
F.J. Manera, V. Alcolea, M. Sánchez-Baños, J.G. Pérez, I. García-Oller, and I. Porras [pg. 1110]

Meteorological Conditions During Preharvest and Postharvest Management Affecting Peteca Incidence in Lemons From Tucuman, Argentina 
G.J. Torres Leal, C.M. Lamelas, and J. Forciniti [pg. 1110]

Effect of Mineral Nutrition and Rootstock on Peroxidase Isozymes Activity and Pitting in the Peel of ‘Fortune’ and ‘Afourer’ Mandarin Fruit at Low Temperature Storage 
F. El-Hilali, A. Ait-Oubahou, A. Remah, and O. Akhayat [pg. 1111]

Quality Assurance Systems and Safety in Citrus Packinghouses in Morocco 
A. Ait-Oubahou, S. Hakkouchi, M. Faqir, A. Hormatallah, and Z. El-Alami,1111 Impact of Soil and Water Salinity on Quality and Citrus Diversity in Souss Valley of Morocco 
Z. Bouzoubaâ, A. El Mousadik, and H. Akeskous1111 Carnauba Wax: A Review of the Production Process and its Application in Fruit Coatings. 
G. Jacob [pg. 1112]

Citrus Coatings : Current Challenges H.W. Ewart [pg. 1112]

In Vivo and in Vitro Fungitoxic Activity of Essential Oils From Origanum compactum and Thymus glandulosus Against Four Postharvest Citrus Pathogens 
B. Chebli, M. Achouri, L.M. Idrissi Hassani, and M. Hmamouchi [pg. 1112]


Compositional Changes in Juice Characteristics and Certain Indicators of Senescence in ‘Tarocco’ and ‘Valencia’ Oranges during Development and Maturation 
M. Mulas, A. Fadda, and D. Pastor Casanova, and M. Schirra [pg. 1115]

Flavanone Glycosides in Citrus genotypes: Presence and Pharmacological Properties. 
S. Fatta Del Bosco, L. Camarda, V. Di Stefano, and D. Schillaci [pg. 1119]

Grapefruit Juice and Drug Metabolism: a Dynamic Relationship 
W.S. Stinson, and W.W. Widmer [pg. 1122]

Ascorbic Acid as the Principal Reactant Causing Browning in an Orange Juice Model System 
A. Kaanane, and T.P. Labuza [pg. 1129]

Effect of Cysteine on Nonenzymatic Browning in Orange Juice during Storage at Different Temperatures 
A. Kaanane, and T.P. Labuza [pg. 1133]

Vibrofluidized Bed Drying – A Viable Process for the Conversion of Citrus Processing Residue into Animal Feed 
E.A. Roe, R.A. Gilbert, and R.M. Goodrich [pg. 1138]

Determination of Aroma Active Leaf Volatiles in New Citrus Hybrids Using GC-MS and GCOlfactometry 
R. Rouseff, M. Morton, J. Smoot, K. Mahattanatawee, and J. W. Grosser [pg. 1145]

Minimally Processed Blood Oranges: Physicochemical, Microbiological and Sensory Evaluation of Four ‘Tarocco’ Clones Slices 
P. Rapisarda, S.E. Bellomo, P. Pannuzzo, C. Caggia, C.M. Lanza, and C. Restuccia [pg. 1149]

Concentration of Pigmented Orange Juices by Reverse Osmosis 
A. Di Mauro, C. Lombardo, R. Resca, and E. Maccarone [pg. 1159]

Essential Oil and Fruit Characteristics of 14 Agritypes of ‘Femminello’ Lemon Variety in Sicily 
F. Calabrese, and F. Barone [pg. 1162]

Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Properties of Blood Orange Juice in Relation with Thermal Treatments of Fruit 
R. Lo Scalzo, C. Summa, T. Iannoccari, and P. Rapisarda [pg. 1164]


Projections of World Production and Citrus Consumption of Citrus to 2010 
P. Pilkauskas [pg. 1171]

Citriculture in Morocco: Current Situation and Challenging Issues 
M. El-Otmani, and H. Zouhri [pg. 1175]

Argentina´s Citrus Industry: An Outlook 
G. M. Marcó [pg. 1179]

Citrus Industry in Brazil in the XXI Century 
O.S. Passos, and M.A. Santana [pg. 1182]

Citrus Industry in China 
X.X. Deng [pg. 1189]

Citriculture of Spain: Present Situation and Current Trends 
M. Agustí, and S. Zaragoza [pg. 1193]

Lemon Production Economics and Marketing Structure in Turkey 
B. Demirtas, and A. Gul [pg. 1197]

Development of Juice Production in China 
W. Houjiu [pg. 1202]

New Technologies and Systems for High Quality Citrus Fruit Production, Labor-Saving and Orchard Conservation in Mountainous Areas of Japan 
K. Morinaga, S. Nakao, O. Sumikawa, and O. Kawamoto [pg. 1204]

Future Market Analysis of Fresh-Cut Red Orange in Italy 
M. D’Amico, G. Iacona and G. La Via [pg. 1209]

The System of Quality Inspection at Export and its Role in Promoting Quality of Citrus Fruit in Morocco 
S. Benchakroune [pg. 1213]

Citrus Fruit Export Organisation in Morocco 
M. Neyra, and A. Ait-Oubahou [pg. 1216]

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Adjustment of the Enterprise Strategy in the Citrus Chain in Italy 
L. Sturiale, and A. Scuderi [pg. 1220]

Comparative-Economics Analysis between Conventional and Organic Citrus Cultivation in Italy 
C. Sturiale, and A. Scuderi [pg. 1228]

Comparative Evaluation of the Competitiveness in the Citrus Industry of Morocco and Spain 
MªA. Fernández-Zamudio, MªD. De Miguel, and P. Caballero [pg. 1235]

The Role of Trading Citrus Companies in the Evolutionary Process of the Sector 
A.S. Zarbà [pg. 1242]

Murray Valley Citrus Planting Database 
P.A. Morrish [pg. 1247]

Trends in the Commercialization of Italian Citrus Fruit 
C. Sturiale, and A. Scuderi [pg. 1250]

Abstracts - Economics, Trade and Marketing [pg. 1255]

An Overiew of the Mediterranean Citrus in the World Markets 
L. Calabozo [pg. 1255]

US Citriculture Industry Perspecitve, Present Situation And Future Prospects 
T.A. Batkin [pg. 1255]

Status and Trends in Moroccan Citrus Export 
A. Ait-Oubahou1, M. Faqir, and Z. El-Alami [pg. 1255]

Current Trends and Emerging Markets for the Mediterranean Citrus 
L. Calabozo [pg. 1255]

Trends in Citrus Consumption in the E.U.: Fresh and Processed 
I. Sanfeliu [pg. 1255]

Trends of the Commercialisation of Italian Citrus Fruit 
C. Sturiale, and A. Scuderi [pg. 1255]



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