China 2008



International Citrus Congress - Wuhan, China 26-30 October 2008

Eleventh meeting of the International Society of Citriculture


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Potential Impact of Generic Promotion of Orange Juice Consumption in the European Union 
M. G. Brown, J. Y. Lee, et al. [pg. 35]

Low-seeded to Seedless Mandarin Orange Varieties Evaluated for Quality Characteristics in California 
Tracy Kahn, Toni Siebert, et al. [pg. 38]

The Effect of Nucellar Seedling and Micropropagated Clonal Rootstocks on the Performance of Imperial and Sunset Mandarins 
Stephen R. Sykes [pg. 44]

Citrus Scion Breeding at the USDA/ARS U. S. Horticultural Research Laboratory 
E. W. Stover, T. G. McCollum, et al. [pg. 50]

Phenology and Juice Quality of Dalan Dan' Grapefruit in Corrientes, Argentina 
M. A. Rinsdahl-Canavosio, A. M. Gochez, et al. [pg. 55]

A Diversification Program of Mandarin and Orange Varieties in Morocco 
Handaji N, N. Arsalane, et al. [pg. 59]

Recent Advances in Aurantioideae Taxonomy 
Robert R. Krueger [pg. 62]

Jingxian' Blood Orange; The Only Pigmented Sweet Orange Cultivar Originated in China 
Feirong Yuan, Guiyou Long, et al. [pg. 70]

Tami' —A New Israeli Mandarin; Effect of Three Rootstocks on Yield, Fruits Size and Fruits Quality 
J. Kanonich, Y. Mosak, et al. [pg. 73]

Profiles of Carotenoids in Citrus Species, Their Relatives and Hybrids 
T. Kuniga, N. Nakajima, et al. [pg. 76]

Assessing Yield and Fruit Quality Characteristics of Some Domestic and Foreign Originated Nucellar Blood Orange Clones in Adana Province 
Sefa Polatoz and Onder Tuzcu [pg. 88]

SSR-based Genetic Variability Assessment of Tunisian Local Citrus Rootstocks 
Hager Snoussi Trifa, Marie-France Duval, et al. [pg. 92]

Determination of Yield and Quality Characteristics of Valencia Orange Types Selected in Turkey 
Turgut Yesiloglu, Kader Ercik, et al. [pg. 95]

Effect of Budwood Irradiation on Fruit Weight of ' Kutdiken' Lemon 
A. Uzun, 0. Gulsen, et al. [pg. 98]

Effect of Certain Mutagenic Agents on Salt Tolerance Behavior of Some Citrus Rootstocks—A. Seedling Survival Percentage, Leaf Injures Percentage, Growth and Leaf Chemical Constituent 
El-Shazly S. M. and Mustafa N. S. [pg. 101]

Effect of Certain Mutagenic Agents on Salt Tolerance Behavior of Some Citrus Rootstocks—B. Selection and Identification of Mutations 
El-Shazly S. M., Mustafa N. S. et al. [pg. 110]

Determination of Yield and Fruit Characteristics of Interdonato Lemon Types Selected in Turkey 
G. Kafa and O. Tuzcu [pg. 117]

Investigation of Sexual Intergeneric Hybrid Progenies between Citrus Cultivar and Citropsis schweinfurthii 
K. Yasuda, H. Kunitake, et al. [pg. 121]

Productivity of Six Early Orange Selections on Two Rootstock Evaluated in Tropical Conditions of Venezuela 
Soto Enio, Perez Mercedes, et al. [pg. 126]

Claro; A New Lemon Selection
Catalina M. Anderson [pg. 130]

Citriculture Scenario in Pakistan 
Ehsan Ullah Khan, Abdul Rehman Khan, et al. [pg. 131]

Comparison of Pollen Tube Growth in Style and Fruit Setting under Self- and Cross-pollination of ' Dianjiangbaiyou' Pomelo 
Changfeng Cheng, Qigao Guo, et al. [pg. 137]

Citrus Germplasm Resources for Ornamental Purposes: A Potential of Utilization and Improvement 
Hualin Chen [pg. 140]

Effect of Co-y Ray Treatment on Seedless Mutation in Budwood of ' Jincheng' Orange [ Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck] 
Jurong Qi, Zhengfu Liu, et al. [pg. 146]

An Investigation of Homologous and Non-homologous Somatic Pairing by Interchromosomal Chromatin Connectives in Citrus ichangensis 
G. L. Liang, S. Q. Xiang, et al. [pg. 149]

Identification and Utilization of ' Ziyang Xiangcheng' (Citrus junos Sieb. ex Tanaka) 
J. J. Liu, K. L. Chen, et al. [pg. 152]

Introduction and Extension of Tarocco Blood Orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) in Sichuan Province, China
K. L. Chen, J. J. Liu, et al. [pg. 156]

Monoembryonic Hybrids Obtained from Crosses of Polyembryonic Parents of Citrus 
J.J. Liu, K.L. Chen, et al. [pg. 160]

Breeding of New Early-maturing Variety ' Zhongyanzao' Ponkan (Citrus reticulata') 
K.L. Chen, J. L. Deng, et al. [pg. 162]

Analysis of 45S rDNA Loci of Natural Tetraploid and Corresponding Diploid in Citrus by FISH 
S. Q. Xiang, W. X. Wang, et al. [pg. 164]

Dongjiang Citrus succosa Hort. ex Tanaka, A New Mandarin Selection of Seedling Mutation 
Jianguo Xu, Jieqiang Gong, et al. [pg. 168]

Breeding of Sweet Orange Variety Xingguotiancheng 3-5 
C. H. Zhou, D. H. Huang, et al. [pg. 171]

Identifying Sweet Orange [ Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck] Germplasm Accessions with Inter-simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) Markers 
Zhang Y. G., Huang X. D. , et al. [pg. 176]

Some New & Superior Sweet Orange Selections with Commercial Potential in China Today 
Zhusheng Chen [pg. 183]

Oil Composition of Homozygous and Heterozygous Plants of Citrus clementina Hort. ex Tan. 
M.A. Germana, B. Chiancone, et al. [pg. 185]

Studies on Plant Morphology and Genetic Diversity of Natural Tetraploid and Diploid of Citrus sinensis cv. Hongjiangcheng 
S.Q. Xiang, X. L. Li, et al. [pg. 190]

Designing of Poncirus trifoliata Allele Identification Markers on All 9 Linkage Groups for CTV Resistant Citrus Breeding 
S. Ohta, T. Endo, et al. [pg. 194]


In-vitro Breeding Provides New and Unique Opportunities for Conventional Citrus Breeding 
Jude W. Grosser and Fred G. Gmitter, Jr. [pg. 237]

Transgene Escape in Citrus? Potential Opportunities for Escape and Potential Consequences 
Norman C. Ellstrand and Sylvia Heredia [pg. 243]

Fungal Infection Affects Gene Expression in Transgenic Lemon Plants Producing an Antimicrobial Trichodenna harzianumEndochitinase 
A. Gentile, G. Distefano, et al. [pg. 247]

Histological and Biochemical Analysis of Pollen-pistil Interaction in Mandarins
G. Distefano, G. Las Casas, et al. [pg. 252]

Progress towards Incorporation of Antimicrobial Peptides for Disease Resistance in Citrus 
M. Dutt, A. Omar, et al. [pg. 258]

Induction of Triploid Plants from Local Citrus Cultivars in Vietnam
Do Nang Vinh, Ha Thi Thuy, et al. [pg. 265]

Evaluation of Transgenic Sweet Orange (Citrus sinenis Osbeck) Containing Bivalent Anti-bacterial Peptide Genes ShivaK and Cecropin
Yongrui He, Aihong Peng, et al. [pg. 272]

Molecular Characterization of the Heterochromatin of Poncirus trifoliata Raf. Using a Satellite DNA Sequence 
Ana Emilia Barros e Silva, Andre Marques, et al. [pg. 281]

A Consensus Map Constructed with SSR and EST-SSR Markers Using F, Population from Sweet Orange Tangor 
HongQibin, GongGuizhi, et al. [pg. 284]

Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) in Citrus; Genetic Transformation with SAR Genes for Resistance to Huanglongbing and Canker 
M. Dutt, G. Barthe, et al. [pg. 289]

Identification of Candidate Genes in Citrus through Comparative Genomic Hybridization and Transcriptome Analysis 
G. Rios, J. Brumos, et al. [pg. 295]

Identification of Transcriptional Factor Genes that Show Different Expression Profiles among Cultivars of Satsuma Mandarin 
Tokurou Shimizu, Hiroshi Fujii, et al. [pg. 300]

cDNA-AFLP Identifies Differently Expressed Transcripts of a Novel Late-ripening Citrus sinensis Mutant Potentially Related to Fruit Ripening 
Yongzhong Liu, Andan Zhu, et al. [pg. 303]

Characterization of Citrus Conserved EST Orthologs 
Chunxian Chen and Fred G. Gmitter Jr. [pg. 312]

Molecular Phylogeny of the True Citrus Fruit Trees Group (Aurantioideae, Rutaceae) as Inferred from AFLP Fingerprints and Plastid DNA Sequence 
Zhenhua Lu, Rangjin Xie, et al. [pg. 315]

Precocious Flowering of Citrus Seedlings and Short Juvenility of Poncirus Seedlings: Usage for Genetic Analysis and Breeding 
Jung-Hee Kim, Akira Wakana, et al. [pg. 326]

Relationships among Mandarins (Citrus reticulata Blanco) of Hunan Province Investigated by SRAP Markers 
Baiquan Zeng, Yinhua Yang, et al. [pg. 335]

Biochemical and Molecular Analysis of Fruits on ' Comune' Clementine and Its Late-ripening Mutant 'Tardivo' 
Giuseppina Las Casas, Gaetano Distefano, et al. [pg. 340]

Comparative Transcript Profiling by cDNA-AFLP Reveals Genes Involved in Pollen-pistil Interaction in Clementine 
M. Caruso, G. Distefano, et al. [pg. 349]

Regeneration of Citrus Genotypes by Stigma/Style Somatic Embryogenesis in Algeria; Preliminary Results 
Meziane M. , Boudjeniba M. , et al. [pg. 357]

Genome DNA Methylation of Natural and Artificial Polyploids in Citrus grandis 
Bo He, Weixing Wang, et al. [pg. 362]

Cross Breeding of Polyembryonic Varieties and Immature Embryo Rescue Culture in Citrus 
Wu LM and Jiang YC [pg. 368]

Effect of Light Quality on Carotenoids Biosynthesis in Callus of ' Red Marsh' Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf.) 
Gao HJ, Liu BZ, et al. [pg. 373]

Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Expansin Genes in Citrus Fruits 
Li Juan, Chen Jiezhong, et al. [pg. 378]

Genetic Diversity Analysis of Main Citrus Varieties Using Molecular Marker SRAP 
Liu JJ, Chen KL, et al. [pg. 383]

Application of SSR Molecular Marker in the Identification of Citrus Varieties 
He J, Chen KL, et al. [pg. 388]

Genetic Transformation of the Main Commercial Citrus Cultivars in Hunan 
L. Yang, Y. M. Xie, et al. [pg. 392]

Adventitious Shoot Regeneration from Five Commercial Citrus Cultivars Using a Range of Explant Types 
Tang Y, Qin YH, et al. [pg. 398]

Breeding for Climate Change in Sub-tropical Australia 
Malcolm W. Smith, Debra L. Gultzow, et al. [pg. 404]

Molecular Cloning and Bioinformatic Analysis of CBF-like Genomic DNA and Upstream Regulatory Elements in Rough Lemon (Citrus jambhiri Lush.) 
He LG, Wang HL, et al. [pg. 410]

Comparative Study of LFY Homologous Genes among Citrus and Its Relative Genre Plants 
He XH, Guo YZ, et al. [pg. 418]

Cloning and Expression Vector Construction of One CBF-like Gene from Poncirus 
Wang HL, He LG, et al. [pg. 422]

Functional Expression of Phytoene Synthase Gene from Cara Cara Navel Orange 
Zhang JC, Tao NG, et al. [pg. 426]

Cloning of Resistance Gene Analogs (RGAs) from Red Tangerine (Citrus reticulata Blanco) by Candidate Gene Approach and Overlapping Extension Strategy 
Xu Q and Deng XX. [pg. 432]


Girdling Induces Photoinhibition and Triggers Photoprotecting Mechanisms in Young Leaves from Vegetative Shoots 
F. Rivas, F. Fornes,etal. [pg. 477]

Fruit Set in ' Ortanique' Tangor in Response to Pollination and Different Stresses 
A. Borges, J. Franco, et al. [pg. 481]

Physiological Responses Involved in Tolerance of Citrus Plants to Soil Waterlogging
V. Arbona, M. F. Lopez-Climent, et al. [pg. 489]

Grappling with Granulation in Imperial Mandarins 
H. J. Hofman and M. W. Smith [pg. 496]

The Regulation of Aconitase, A Central Enzyme of Citric Acid Metabolism in Citrus Fruit 
Asfaw Degu, Sham Prakash, et al. [pg. 502]

Effects of on-tree Storage of Citrus Fruits on the Quality of Navel Orange, Blood Orange and Ponkan Tangerine 
Liu JJ, Chen KL, et al. [pg. 508]

Performance of 'Valencia' Trees on Four Rootstocks at High Density Planting 
Mongi Zekri [pg. 512]

Fruit Shading Changed Photosynthate Partitioning,Sugar Metabolism and Accumulation in Developing Satsuma Mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.) Fruit 
Junwei Chen, Shanglong Zhang, et al. [pg. 520]

Effects of the Diphenylurea Cytokinin CPPU and the Auxin 3 ,5 ,6-TPA on ' Washington' Navel Orange Yield, Fruit Size and Quality 
Yusheng Zheng, Toan Khuong, et al. [pg. 528]

Effects of NAA and GA3 Sprays on Yield, Fruit Size, Fruit Splitting and the Incidence of Creasing of ' Nova' Mandarin 
J. Greenberg,!. Kaplan, et al. [pg. 538]

Reduction of Seed Number in 'Chandler' Pummelo
Y. Erner, E. Israeli, et al. [pg. 542]

Evaluation and Induction of Parthenocarpy in Self-compatible ' Montenegrina' Mandarin 
X. Chouza, A. Gravina, et al. [pg. 547]

Vegetative Growth Responses of Citrus Nursery Trees to Various Growth Retardants 
S. le Roux and G. H. Barry [pg. 552]

Effect of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D) on the Size of the Navel end Opening of Navel Oranges—A Preliminary Study 
Stephan Verreynne [pg. 557]

' Montenegrina' Mandarin; Characterization of the Agronomic Behaviour and Fruit Size Improvement 
G. Gambetta, M. Espino, et al. [pg. 561]

Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi with Their Helper Microorganisms on Root Colonization and Growth of Trifoliate Orange Seedlings 
S. Horii, A. Matsumura, et al. [pg. 567]

Citrus Best Management Practices; Fertilizer Rate Recommendations and Precision Application in Florida 
B. J. Boman, T. A. Obreza, et al. [pg. 572]

Low Boron Affects Growth and Nutrient Status of 'Newhall' Navel Orange (Citrus sinensis Osb. ) Plants Grafted on Two Rootstocks 
O. Sheng, L. Mei, et al. [pg. 579]

Seasonal Uptake of Nutrients by Mature Field-grown 'Valencia' (Citrus sinensis O.) Trees in California 
Robert R Krueger, Mary Lu Arpaia [pg. 588]

Different Surfactants Improve Calcium Uptake into Leaf and Fruit of ' Washington Navel' Sweet Orange [ Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck.] and Reduce Albedo Breakdown 
Tarn Thi Minh Pham, Zora Singh, et al. [pg. 595]

High-affinity K+ Uptake in Citrus 
F. Rubio, F. Caballero, et al. [pg. 603]

The Performance of Some Satsuma Clones in Adana Ecological Conditions 
Sebnem Kurt, Bilge Yildirim, et al. [pg. 608]

Early Orange Blossoming Phenology in Venezuela Central Area 
Mercedes Perez Macias, Enio Soto, et al. [pg. 610]

Ammonium Transport and CitAMT1 Expression Are Regulated by C and N Metabolism in Citrus Plants 
Gemma Camanes, Miguel Cerezo, et al. [pg. 613]

Leaf N Concentration on Citrus Trees during the First Eight Years in the Field 
Maria Regina Menino, Amarilis de Varennes, et al. [pg. 623]

A Method for Nondestructive Analysis of Vitamin C of Orange 
Junfang Xia, Xiaoyu Li, et al. [pg. 627]

Diagnosis of Nitrogen Nutrition of Satsuma Mandarin Trees for Stable Production of Tasty Fruits Using a Portable NIR Spectrophotometer 
Kumi Miyamoto and Tsutomu Okura [pg. 632]

Management of Nitrogen Fertilization for High Yield and Quality of Grapefruit (Citrus paradise) in Sandy Soils 
Z. He, B.J. Boman, et al. [pg. 639]

Effects of Harvesting Time on Fat and Fatty Acid Composition of Three Mandarin Cultivars (Citrus unshiu
E. Kafkas, N. K. Koc, et al. [pg. 646]

Effects of Aluminum on Leaf Water Relation and Nutritional Elements of Citrus Seedlings 
Lisong Chen, Ning Tang, et al. [pg. 650]

Analysis of Fruit Quality of Nanfeng Mandarin (Citrus reticulita Blanco) from Different Cultivating Regions in Jiangxi Province 
Zh.J. Fang, X.B. Xu, et al. [pg. 654]

Effects of X-irradiation on Scoparone Levels in ' Clemenules' Clementine Mandarin Flavedo 
Cristina Rojas-Argudo, Lluis Palou, et al. [pg. 658]

The Benefits of Hand Thinning Nules Clementine Mandarin 
Stephan Verreynne and Willem van Kerwel [pg. 662]

Study on the Sugar-Acid Ratio and Its Related Metabolizing Enzymes in Navel Orange Fruit from Different Habitats 
R. G. Gong, X. L. Lii, et al. [pg. 664]

Acaricidal Activity of Boenninghausenia sessiliearpa against Panonychus citri 
Huizhi Yang, Hongjun Li, et al. [pg. 668]

Characterization of Pectinmethylesterase, b-Galactosidase and Ascorbate Oxidase from Sicilian Blood Oranges 
A.E. Catalano, A. Todaro, et al. [pg. 672]

Extraction, Evaluation and Application of Sewage Sludge Organic Nutrients to Citrus Crop Fertilization 
Escoin V, Camanes G, et al. [pg. 675]

Extending Mechanical Harvesting of ' Valencia' Sweet Orange into the Late Season Using Winter Drought Stress 
J.C. Melgar, J. Dunlop, et al. [pg. 684]

Observations on Field Performance of Tsn-RNA Dwarfed Poneirus trifoliata Hybrids 
Georgios Vidalakis, John A. Bash, et al. [pg. 687]

Effects of Pot Cultivation on Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll Fluoresce Characteristics in Leaves of Citrus 
Hongxia Xu, Huiqin Zhang, et al. [pg. 692]

Effects of High Temperature Period on Seed and Embryo Development in Seedless Citrus 
A. Yamasaki, A. Kitajima, et al. [pg. 697]

Effects of Differing Deficit Irrigation Treatments on Fruit Quality of Citrus reticulata Blanco 
J. M. Navarre, A. G. Gomez-Gomez, et al. [pg. 701]

Response of ' Verna' Lemon Under Drought Stress; Physiological Changes and Metabolomic Approach 
Perez-Perez, J. G. , et al. [pg. 707]

Nitrogen Fertilization Effect on Salt Tolerance of Fino 49 Lemon Trees Grafted on Two Contrasting Rootstocks 
F. Grcia-Sanchez, V. Gimeno, et al. [pg. 713]

Growth and Physiological Characterisation of Micropropagated Citrus macrophylla Explants as Affected by NaCl Stress 
O. Perez-Tornero, A. Lopez-Pujante, et al. [pg. 720]

Integrated Nutrient Management, Concept and Application in Citrus in Southeast Asia 
A.K. Srivastava [pg. 726]

The Influence of NaCl on Water Relations and Leaf Gas Exchange for Lane Late Citrus Plants and Different Rootstocks 
J.M. Navarro, I. Porras, et al. [pg. 734]

Interstocked Verna Lemon Trees Improves the Salt Tolerance by Reducing Leaf Cl- Concentration 
F. Garcia-Sanchez, V. Gimeno, et al. [pg. 740]

Productive and Qualitative Responses to Deficit Irrigation on Orange Trees 
F. Stagno, C. Germana, et al. [pg. 745]

Effects of Regulated Deficit Irrigation on ' Clementina de Nules' and ' Navel Lane Late' Citrus Trees; Growth, Yield and Fruit Quality 
Ballester, C. , Castel, et al. [pg. 749]

Wind Damage of Citrus Fruit in Southern Uruguay: Study and Characterization 
A. Gravina, E. Pardo, et al. [pg. 754]

Climate Variability Influences on the Internal Quality Indexes of ' Valencia Late' Orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) and 'Marsh' Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf.) under the Tropical Cuban Conditions 
Cira Sanchez, Zita Acosta, et al. [pg. 759]

Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on the Growth, Nutrient Uptake and Chlorophyll Concentration of Citrus aurantiumSeedlings 
Josefa M Navarro, Asuncion Morte, et al. [pg. 763]

Effect of Simultaneously Intercropping with Host and Non-host Plants by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Root Colonization and Growth of Root-split Trifoliate Orange Seedlings 
D. Yu, A. F. Cruz, et al. [pg. 768]

Developmental Fate of Lateral Buds and the Regulating Effect of GA on Flowering in ' Kinnow' Mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)
H. Rajaei and M. Forouzani [pg. 774]

Ultrastructure of Sweet Orange Ripening Fruit (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) and the Role of Hydrolases in Dietary Fiber Degradation 
Tao Dong and Renxue Xia [pg. 778]

Mathematical Simulations for Growth and Developmental Dynamics of ' Cara Cara' Red Navel Orange [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck] 
Wen Shou-xing, Cai Zijian, et al. [pg. 789]

Optimizing Irrigation Water Supply in a Young Citrus Orchard 
El Fadl A. , M. El-Otmani, et al. [pg. 795]

Implication of Carbohydrates and Gibberellins in Photosynthesis Regulation in Citrus through Leaf/Fruit Ratio Manipulation 
Rym Bouhlal, Domingo J. Iglesias, et al. [pg. 805]

Anatomical Changes Associated with Fruit Development in the Abscission Zones of ' Kinnow' Mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) 
H. Rajaei and A. Eidizadeh [pg. 809]

Changes in Structure and Antioxidant Metabolism in the Fruit Pericarps of Citrus during Sunburn Development 
Jiezhong Chen, Jifeng Wan, et al. [pg. 813]


Effects of Weed Management on Growth and Yield of Orange Orchards in Sicily 
C. Germana, A. Continella, et al.[pg. 849]

Citrus GlobalGAP Certification in Pakistan 
Waqar Ahamd, Muhammad Azam, et al. [pg. 853]

On the Relationships between Salinity Tolerance, Growth and Water Use in Citrus 
James P. Syvertsen, J.C. Melgar, et al. [pg. 860]

Effect of Water Stress on Vegetative Growth, Relative Water Content and Nitrogen Metabolism of Citrange and Trifoliate Orange Seedling 
Shenxi Xie, Qiuming Zhang, et al. [pg. 866]

Response of Some Citrus Rootstocks to Salinity 
El-Shazlyu, S. M [pg. 872]

The Influence of Application Technology of Base Fertilizer on the Quality and Economic Characters of Citrus reticulata Blanco in Sichuan 
M. Li, X. L.Lti, et al. [pg. 881]

Design Versus Scheduling in Micro-irrigation Systems for Water-saving and Environmental Protection 
J. Barragan, L.L. Cots, et al. [pg. 888]

Performance of Micro-irrigation Systems Using Biological Effluents 
M. Duran-Ros, J. Puig-Bargues, et al. [pg. 894]

Influence of Deficit Irrigation in Phase III of Fruit Growth on Final Fruit Quality in Sweet Orange 'Lane Late' 
J. G. Perez-Perez, J. M. Robles, et al. [pg. 901]

Progress of Research of Using Continuously Recorded Trunk Diameter Fluctuations for Irrigation Scheduling in Lemon Trees 
M.F. Ortuno, F. Moreno, et al. [pg. 906]

Studies on the Peel Puffiness and Storage of Mature Fruit in Satsuma Mandarin 
Xuegen Shi, Jianguo Xu, et al. [pg. 912]

Effects of Protected Cultivation of Rain Shelter on ' Longmen Nianju' Qualities during the On-tree-storage and Comprehensive Evaluaton of Fruit Qualities 
Y. H. Huang, J. W. Zeng, et al. [pg. 915]

Effects of Organic Treatments on the Storage and Use of Sour Orange Seeds 
A.E. Salama, T. Yaseen, et al. [pg. 921]

Spatial Variability of Soil Properties and Crop Responses in an Extended Citrus Area in Southern Italy 
M. AUegra, A. Giuffrida, et al. [pg. 925]

The Effects of Drip Fertigation in Citrus Orchards on Decreasing Soil pH Value 
Liangzhi Peng, Changpin Chun, et al. [pg. 932]

Plant Growth Regulators and Fertilizer Solutions Influence Emergence of Citrus Rootstocks 
E.A. Girardi, R.C. Corte, et al. [pg. 936]

Possible Use of 1-Naphtalene Acetic Acid (NAA) as a Flowering Accelerator of Satsuma Mandarin 
H. Okuda, Y. Iwagiri, et al. [pg. 941]

Survey on Nutritional Status and Fruit Quality of Citron (Citrus medica L.) in Southern Italy 
M.L. Calabretta, B. Torrisi, et al. [pg. 946]

Shoot Flush Relationship with Productivity in ' Valencia Late' Orange 
Alvaro Otero and Carmen Goni [pg. 953]

Container Disposals and Bud-forcing Methods for Citrus Nursery Tree Production 
E. A. Girardi, R.C. Corte, et al. [pg. 959]

Use of Plant Growth Regulators and Rootstock Girdling to Improve Scion Budbreak and Reduce Sprouting of Citrus Nursery Trees 
E. A. Girardi, R.C. Corte, et al. [pg. 964]

Initial Growth of Transplanted Citrus Nursery Trees Classified by Scion Trunk Diameter 
E. A. Girardi, R.C. Corte, et al. [pg. 970]


Huanglongbing in Cuban Citriculture 
Luis, M., Collazo, et al. [pg. 997]

Detection of A Phytoplasma In Citrus Showing Huanglongbing (yellow shoot disease) Symptoms in Guangdong, P. R. China 
Jianchi Chen, Xuelian Pu, et al. [pg. 1000]

Transcriptional Response and Carbohydrate Metabolism of Citrus Infected with Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus, the Causal Agent of Huanglongbing in Florida 
Lite Albrecht and Kim D. Bowman [pg. 1008]

Investigation on the Most Destructive Diseases to Citriculture and Identification of the Related Pathogens in Hunan Province, China 
S.M. Dai, X.F.  Ma, et al. [pg. 1016]

Tsn-RNA Dwarfing and High Density Planting of Citrus on Poncirus trifoliata Rootstock 
Georgios Vidalakis, John A. Bash, et al. [pg. 1024]

Quantification of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri Populations in Citrus Groves 
B.I. Canteros, M.A. Rybak, et al. [pg. 1030]

Strategies for Citrus to Acquire Resistance to Canker Disease 
Z.N. Deng, C.H. Hu, et al. [pg. 1035]

Evaluation of Chlorine Dioxide Treatment for Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri Bacterium Control 
Varela Roberto A. , Locaso Delia, et al. [pg. 1042]

Current Status of Citrus Canker Eradication Program in Sao Paulo State, Brazil 
Renato B. Bassanezi, Jose Belasque Jr. , et al. [pg. 1049]

Management Challenges Posed by Citrus Canker for Production of Highly Susceptible Grapefruit in Florida 
James H. Graham, Beatriz Stein, et al. [pg. 1055]

Effect of Bio-control Agents Using a Compost-based Organic Medium on Citrus Plant Growth and on Phytophthora Root Rot 
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Identification of Phytophthora spp. in Syrian Citrus Groves 
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