Brazil 1984



International Citrus Congress - Sao Paulo, Brazil 15-20 July 1984

Fifth meeting of the International Society of Citriculture



Citrus Genetic Resources.
D.C. Giacometti and D.H. van Sloten [pg.1]

Segregation in Hybrids from 'Satsuma' x 'Natal'.
L.C. Donadio [pg.4]

Some Photosynthetic Characteristics of Satsuma Mandarins.
S. Ono and K. Hirose [pg.6]

Protein Fractions of Citrus Organs, and their Use for Cultivar Identification.
J.M. Ortiz. J.L. Tadeo, J. Guerri and L. Albelda [pg. 11]

Identification of the Nucellar Seedlings in Seed Bed.
Y. Ebrahimi [pg. 14]

Density of Stomata and Oil Glands in Citrus Leaves.
V.M.Medina, A.P. da Cunha Sobrinho and E.M. Rodrigues [pg. 15]

Characteristics and Essential Oils of Leaves, Flowers and Fruits of Lemontree Cultivars.
I. Laencina. F.A. Melendreras, J. Flares, G. Guzman and A. Ortuno [pg. 17]

Botanical and Horticultural Characteristics of 'Moro', 'Ruby', and 'Pineapple' Sweet Oranges.
R.M. Pio, J. Pompeu Jr. and Y.M.S. Boaventura [pg. 23]

Polyembryony in 26 Trifoliata Type Roots Tocks[sic].
R.M. Pio, J. Pompeu Jr. and Y.M.S. Boaventura [pg. 24]

The Role of Callus Tissues in Citrus Breeding Works.
Chang Wen-Cai, Liui Gong-Bi, Deng Shiu-Shin and Li Xian-Cai [pg. 25]

Fourteen-Year Study of Rootstocks for 'Valencia' and 'Natal' Sweet Oranges.
J. Teofilo Sobrinho, J. Pompeu Jr., J.O. Figueiredo, D. Barbin and C.G.B. Demetrio [pg. 27]

Performance of Rangpur Lime as Rootstock for Citrus in Brazil.
A.A. Salibe and C.S. Moreira [pg. 29]

Preliminary Results of 'Valencia' Orange on Several Rootstocks in Venezuela.
F.J. Reyes, E.E. Monteverde and M. Espinoza [pg. 34]

Rootstocks for Navels in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Preliminary Results.
L.C. Holtzhausen, J.A. Grundlingh, P.N.F. Niven and J.G.J. Maritz [pg. 35]

Recent Results of Some Citrus Rootstock Experiments in Italy.
F. Russo and G. Reforgiato Recupero [pg. 42]

Behavior of Sweet Orange Clones Grafted on Rangpur Lime C. limonia Osb. and Floridas' Rough Lemon C.jambhiri, Lush.
J. Trindade, L.M.S. Silva and J.U.B. Silva [pg. 45]

Swingle Citrumelo as a New Citrus Rootstock in Israel.
A. Shaked and S. Ashkenazy [pg. 48]

Rootstock Effect on Fruit and Juice Characteristics of Lemons.
J.M. Ortiz, Garcia-Lidon, J.L. Tadeo and L. Fernandez de Cordova [pg. 50]

Influence of Rootstocks upon the Growth and Yield of Bahia Orange C. sinensis (L.) Osb. under Conditions of Northeastern Brazil.
L.M.S. Silva, J. Trindade, O.S. Passos, A.P. Cunha Sobrinho and J.U.B. Silva [pg. 53]

Effect of Ten Rootstocks on Tree Size, Early Bearing and Fruit Quality of Satsuma Mandarin Trees.
A.A. Salibe and M.M. Mischan [pg. 55]

Influence of 4 Roostocks on Yield and Quality of Mexican Lime Trees.
L.E. Lopez-Valdovinos. J.B. Soto-Ramos, H.M. Sanchez-Anguiano and C. Pallares-Ochoa [pg. 57]

Rootstocks for 'Natal' Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck): A Phenotypic Stability Study.
W. dos S. Soares Filho, J.B. de Miranda Filho and A.P. da Cunha Sobrinho [pg. 59]

Edit and Niva - Two New Selections from our Breeding Program.
P. Spiegel-Roy and A. Vardi [pg. 65]

Lemon Breeding by Clonal Selection.
J.O. Figueiredo, J. Pompeu Jr., J. Teofilo Sobrinho and T. Igue [pg. 67]

'Kiyomi' a New Tangor in Japan.
M. Nishiura, I. Ueno, Y. Yamada, T. Yoshida, T. Shichijo, M. Iwamasa and T. Kihara [pg. 68]

The 'Sweet Spring' Hybrid in Japan.
M. Nishiura, I. Ueno, Y. Yamada, T. Yoshida, T. Shichijo, T. Kihara and M. Iwamasa [pg. 70]

Mapo: Four Years of Observations in the Metaponto Area.
G. Russo [pg. 73]

Comparative Studies of Two Orange Cultivars 'Navelate' and 'Valencia Late'.
G. Russo [pg. 77]

Characteristics of 'Planellina', a New Early Mutation of Satsuma.
R. Bono, L. Fernandez de Cordova and J.Soler [pg. 81]

Agronomical Behavior of Seven Commercial Citrus Varieties Cultivated in Spain.
S. Zaragoza, I. Trenor, F. Medina and E. Alonso [pg. 83]

Five Year Yield and Fruit Quality of Two Orange Tree Cultivars in Venezuela's Main Citrus Area.
E.E. Monteverde, M. Espinoza, J.R. Ruiz and G.Nunez [pg. 88]

Production, Selection and Commercial Use of Citrus Nucellar Clones in Brazil
A.A. Salibe, C.S. Moreira and S. Moreira [pg. 91]

Performance of Some Old and Nucellar-Line Clones of Lemon in Southern Sicily.
G. Continella, E. Tributlato, P. Damigella and C. Germana [pg. 97]

Influence of Height of Budding on Vigor and Yield of Ponkan Mandarin on Volkamer Lemon Rootstock.
A.A. Salibe, M.M. Mischan and C.S. Moreira [pg. 98]

On Three Problems in the Study of Germplasm Resources of Citrus.
He Shanwen, Liu Genfeng, Xiang Deming [pg. 100]

The Newly Founded Citrus Plants in the Lower Reaches of Yangtze River.
Kan Zhong-Jan [pg. 103]


Comparative Trials of Citrus Mechanical and Aided Prunning.
P. Spina, A. Giuffrida and E. Melita [pg. 106]

Cross Hedging, Tree Removal, and Topping Affect Fruit Yield and Quality of Citrus Hedgerows.
T.A. Wheaton, J.D. Whitney, D.P.H. Tucker and W.S. Castle [pg. 109]

Fruit Development as an Indicator of the Irrigation Needs of Citrus.
A. Cohen and A. Goell [pg. 114]

The Effect of Fertigation and Partial wetting of the Root Zone on Production of Shamouti Oranges.
H. Bielorai, S. Dasberg, Y. Erner and M. Brum [pg. 118]

Irrigation of Young W. Navel Cv. Frost trees.
D. Gomez de Baneda, F. Legaz, E. Prime, E. Lorenzo, R. Ibanez and V. Torres [pg. 121]

Determining Irrigation Requirement of Girdled Citrus trees by Means of the "Graduated Irrigation" Experimental Mode.
A. Goell and A. Cohen [pg. 124]

The Effect of Rootstock on Root Distribution and Mycorrhizal Infection of Mature Citrus Trees.
Y. Levy [pg. 128]

Effect of Soils Fertilizations on the Root Distribution of Mexican Lime Trees when Inter-Planted with Coconut Palm Trees.
T. de J. Miramontes-Cardenas and V.M. Medina-Urrutia [pg. 130]

Penetrometer Resistance for soil in a Florida Grove Affected with Citrus Blight.
D.L. Mhyre, L. Vazquez, K.M. Portier, J.R. Gardner and R.S. Mansell [pg. 134]

The Use of Juice Analysis to Define the Fertilizer Requirements of Citrus.
P.T. Gallasch, G.S. Dalton and J. Ziersch [pg. 140]

Changes in Mineral Leaf Contents of 'Valencia' Orange During the Year.
A. Scuderi, F. Inirigliolo and G. Raciti [pg. 143]

Effect of Nutrition on Fruit Size of Citrus.
S.F. Du Plessis and T.J. Koen [pg. 148]

Nutritional Survey of Forty Sweet Orange Groves in Bebedouro, SP, Brazil.
A.A. Caetano, O. Rodrigues, R. Hiroce and O.C. Bataglia [pg. 151]

Effect of Different Sources and Dosage-Splitting on Nitrogen upon the Growth Yield and Fruit Quality of 'Baianinha' Orange.
J.U.B. Silva, L.F. Sobral, A.J. de Fonseca, J. Trindade and L.M.S. da Silva [pg. 154]

Nursery Fertilization and Growth Responses of Citrus Rootstocks.
E. Faita, S.J. Ochatt, J.L. Calvar, F. Covatta and J. Herrero [pg. 156]

Growth Lemon Trees under High Sulphate Concentration.
M.Caro, A. Cerda and F.G. Fernandez [pg. 159]

Comparison of Allied Chemical Corporations' Registered Nutrient Sprays with Currently Recommended Sprays.
T.W. Embleton, M. Matsumura, D.R. Atkin, J.E. Pehrson, N.V. O'Connel, J. Maranto, J. Edstrom, Maria E. Galindo, G.A.H. Hamid and K.G. Raghothama [pg. 163]

Nutritional Differences in Rootstocks of Citrus.
O.Carpena Artes [pg. 167]

The Influence of Mineral Nutrition on the Severity of Citrus Greening Disease in Kenya.
Waithaka, Kimani [pg. 172]

Effects of Three Glomus Endomycorrhizal Fungi on the Growth of Citrus Rootstocks.
D.C.N. Chang [pg. 173]

Effect of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae on the Growth of Troyer Citrange.
J.J. Ferreira and H.J. Polero [pg. 176]

Araujia Sericffera, Brot. In Citrus Groves.
M.J. Lopez de Medrano, D.G. de Barreda. A. del Buslo and E. Lorenzo [pg. 178]

Herbicide Evaluation for Weed Control in Florida Citrus Nurseries and Groves.
M.Singh and D.P.H. Tucker [pg. 181]


Phenology of Flowering in Citrus sinensis [L.] Osbeck, cv. 'Washington' Navel Orange.
C.J. Lovatt, S.M. Streeter, T.C. Minter, N.V. O'Connel, D.L. Flaherty, M.W. Freeman and P.B. Goodell [pg. 186]

Inter-Relationship Between Flowering and Fruiting in Sweet Orange, Cultivar Navelina.
S. Becerra and J.L. Guardiola [pg. 190]

Fruiting Pattern and Retranslocation of Reserves in the Navelate and Washington Navel Oranges.
J. Gonzalez-Ferrer, M. Agusti and J.L. Guardiola [pg. 194]

Endogenous Gibberellins as Related to Fruit Set in Citrus Varieties of the Navel Group.
M. Talon and E. Primo Millo [pg. 200]

Metabolic Changes Induced by Kinetin in Sweet Orange Fruits During the Fruit Period.
E. Primo-Millo, J. Guerri, F. Culianez, J.L. Tadeo and P.M. Hernandez [pg. [pg. 202]

Evolution of the Abscisic Acid in Verna Lemon tree Leaves During their Growth and Development as well as in Flowers in Different Blooming Stages.
M. Parra Gilabert and A. Pina Tuells [pg. 208]

Changes Occurring in Some Chemical Constituents During Different Stages of Fruit Drop in Navel Orange Fruits, 1983.
S.M. El-Nabawy, A.M. El-Hammady, A.S. Montasser and A. Zarad [pg. 210]

Interrelationships of Abscistc Acid, Ethylene, and Hydrolytic Enzymes in Abscission of Citrus Leaf Explants.
J. Riov, O. Sagee, E. Dagan and R. Goran [pg. 215]

Fruit-Induced Reduction of Photosynthesis in Field-Grown Citrus
S. Bennet and C.W. Coggins [pg. 218]

The Accumulation of Mineral Elements in the Leaves of 'Clementine' Mandarin as Related to Position.
J.L. Guardiola, M.Chulia.J. Sancho [pg. 220]

Influence of Flowering, Summer and Autumn Flushes on the Absorption and Distribution of Nitrogen Compounds in Citrus.
F. Legaz and E. Primo-Millo [pg. 224]

Seaonal Changes in Nitrogen and Protein Content in Organs of Valencia Late (C. sinensis [L.]. Osbeck), Young Trees.
M.C. Calot, J. Guerri, F. Legaz, F. Culianez, J.L. Tadeo and E. Primo-Millo [pg. 233]

Arnino Acid Changes in Organs of Valencia Late (C. sinensis [L.] Osbeck) Young Trees During the Growth Cycle.
J.L. Tadeo, M.C. Calot, J. Guerri, B. Martin, F. Legaz, F. Culiafiez and E. Primo-Millo [pg. 241]

Essential Oils of Citrus sinensis Varieties. I. Terpene and Sesquiterpene Hydrocarbons.
R. Melendreras and R. Pastor Martinez [pg. 245]

Essential Oils of Citrus sinensis Varieties. II. Oxygenated Fraction.
R. Melendreras Gimeno and R. Pastor Martinez [pg. 252]

Essential Oils of Citrus sinensis Varieties. III. Paraffin Waxes.
R. Melendreras Gimeno and R. Pastor Martinez [pg. 258]

The Effects of Three Types of Wounding of Citrus Peel at Different Fruit Development Stages, on the Appearance of the Scar.
Hannah Safran [pg. 262]

Anatomical Aspects of Creasing Development in Citrus Rind.
K.M. Abadalla, A.M. Badawi and A.A. Tewfik [pg. 267]

Control of Citrus Tree Size by Growth Regulators - Past Attempts and a Recent Breakthrough.
S.P. Monselise and R. Goren [pg. 271]

The Evaluation of a Product Called Cytozyme as a Potential Replacement For 2,4-D and Gibberellic Acid (GA3) in the Culture of Navel, Oranges.
C.W. Coggins, Jr., G.L. Henning and D.R. Atkin [pg. 275]

Influence of Light on the Production of the Nave-Late Oranges Variety.
Vicente Cervero Rubio [pg. 278]

2,4-D Isopropyl-Ester Counteract Negative Influences of a Summer Oil Treatment in Navels.
A.B. Wessels and L.C. Holtzhausen [pg. 281]

Practical Aspects of the Use of Ethephon to Control Alternate Cropping of Valencia Orange.
P.T. Gallasch [pg. 285]

Cytokinins in Citrus.
Ivan Stewart and Gary A. Barthe [pg. 289]

Further Researches on the Effects that the Hail Protection Nest Have on the 'Washington' Navel Orange.
F. Calabrese and T. Caruso [pg. 291]

The Response of Citrus Roots to Neutral Coumarins.
W.P. Burger [pg. 293]

Ripening Biology of Mandarine 'Comune' and Clementine 'Comune' in Taranto Area, Italy.
G. Russo [pg. 296]


Variable Zinc Concentrations in Declinio Affected Citrus Trees.
O.R, Paguio, Y. da S. Coelho and H.P. Santos Filho [pg. 302]

Xylem Plugging and Mineral Status of Blight Affected Citrus Trees - A Review.
L.G. Albrigo [pg. 303]

Spectral Ratio of Infrared Image of Citrus Trees as Affected by Tree Size.
G.J. Edwards, C.A. Anderson and H.K. Wutscher [pg. 307]

Leaf Water Stress and Water Uptake of Trunk Wood in Blight Affected Citrus Trees.
J.P. Syvertsen and L.G. Albrigo [pg. 309]

Diseases of Mexican Lime Citrus aurantifolia (Chrism) Swingle in Mexico.
J.G. Garza-Lopez and V.M. Medina-Urrutia [pg. 311]

Spatial Distribution Patterns of Citrus Bacteriosis on Mexican Lime Trees and Sample Sizes for Detecting the Disease.
V.M. Medina-Urrutia [pg. 315]

Symptomatology Description and Fluctuation of the Bacterial Disease in Mexican Lime at Colima, Mexico.
J.R. Garcia-Pena and A. Barreto-Villalobos [pg. 319]

An Overview of Citrus Canker (Bacteriosis) on Mexican Lime at Tecoman, Colima, Mexico.
H.M. Sanchez-Anguiano and F.A. Felix-Castro [pg. 323]

The Citrus Variety Improvement Program in Brazil.
H.P. Santos Filho, Onofre de La Rosa Paguio, Almir Pinto da Cunha Sobrinho, Ygor da Silva Coelho and Valdique Martins Medina[pg. 325]

Modified Micro-Grafting Procedure in Citrus.
H.P. Santos Filho [pg. 327]

Citrus Virus Diseases and Sanitary Improvement in Italy.
A. Starrantino, G. Terranova, F. Russo and A. Caruso [pg. 329]

Modified Technique of Citrus Shoot-Tip Grafting and Rapid Propagation Method to Obtain Citrus Budwoods Free of Citrus Viruses and Libukio Organism.
Su Hong-Ji and Chu Jan-Yang [pg. 332]

Inoculum Density of Phytophthora Species and Disease Incidence in Citrus Orchards and Nurseries.
G. Magnano Di San Lio, RosalbaTuttobene and G. Perrotta [pg. 334]

Present Status of Phytophthora Diseases of Citrus in Spain.
J.J. Tuset, C. Hinarejos and J. Garcia [pg. 338]

Infection of Sweet Orange Fruit in Florida by a Common Biotype of Elsinoe Fawcettii.
J.O. Whiteside [pg. 343]

Populational Fluctuation of the Aphid Vector of Citrus Tristeza Virus (CTV) Toxoplera citricidus, in 6 Localities of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
V.A. Yuki, G.W. Muller, A.S. Costa, J. Teofilo Sobrinho, V.J. Ramos, J.L. Castro, I. Ishimura and G. Godoy Jr [pg. 346]

Cross Protection Increases Yield of Tristeza Tolerant Sweet Oranges.
G.W. Muller, J. Teofilo Sobrinho, J. Pompeu Jr. and A.S. Costa [pg. 349]

Studies on the Tristeza Stem Pitting and its Relationship With Vigor, Productivity and Fruit Quality of Three Varieties of Late-Ripening Sweet Orange, Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck.
J. Menechino Junior, M.M. Mischan and A.A. Salibe [pg. 350]

Studies on the Etiology and Transmission of Declinio of Citrus Trees in Brazil.
Victoria Rossetti, C.M. Chagas, E. Feichtenberger and M. Julia G. Beretta [pg. 353]

Dissolution of Plugs by Baciltys Subtilis in Citrus Trees Showing Symptoms of "Declinio".
M. Julia G. Beretta and Walkyria B.C. Moraes [pg. 355]

Further Attempts for Recovering Declinio Affected Citrus Trees.
Victoria Rosseti, C.M. Chagas, M.J.G. Beretta and A.A. Soares [pg. 357]

Studies on the Nature and Control of Brazilian Citrus Decline.
N. Guirado. Heloisa S, Prates and G.W. Muller [pg. 359]

A Review of Serological Studies on Xanthomonas Campestris pv. Citri in Brazil.
Ema E. Bach and Victoria Rossetti [pg. 361]

Reaction of Different Citrus and Relatives to Bacterial Cancrosis C. (Xanthomonas campestris pv. Citri [Hasse] Dye).
V.A. Malavolta Jr., M. Ligia V. Carvalho, J. Rodrigues Neto, Victoria Rossetti, E.M.C. Nogueira and Deniza A. Palazzo [pg. 363]

Survival of Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri (Hasse) Dye in Soil and in Association With Some Gramineous Plants.
R.P. Leite Jr. and S.K. Mohan [pg. 365]

Survival of Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri (Hasse) Dye in Soil in Nonhost Plants.
M. Ligia V. Carvalho, V.A, Malavolta Jr., Deniza A. Palazzo, Victoria Rossetti and E.M.C. Nogueira [pg. 368]

Comparison Between Tristeza, Foot Rot, Collapse and Declinio of Citrus.
Jose Eduardo O. de Lima and Luiz Augusto B.C. de Vasconcellos [pg. 370]

Characteristics of Citrus Trees Affected by Blight in Florida, by Declinamiento in Argentina, and by Delcinio in Brazil.
L.W. Timmer, R.H. Brlansky, R.F. Lee, J.H. Graham and J.P. Agostini, H.U. Fischer and C. Casafus [pg. 371]

Perpetuation Attempt of Declinio of Citrus.
Jose Eduardo O. de Lima, Luiz Augusto B.C. de Vasconcellos, Ruter Hiroce and Antonio S. Borducchi [pg. 374]

Sharpshooter Populations in Blight-Affected Florida Citrus Groves.
R.F. Lee, L.W. Timmer, J.C. Allen and D.P.H. Tucker [pg. 376]

Relationship Between the Amount of Inoculum and the Infection Caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri on Citrus Seedlings Through Natural Infections in the Field.
H.M. Zubrzycki and A. Diamante de Zubrzycki [pg. 379]

Epidemiological Observations on Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri (Hasse) Dye, in Relation to Different Citrus Species and Varieties.
Deniza A., Palazzo, V.A. Malavolta Jr., E.M. Nogueira, Maria Ligia, V. Carvalho and Victoria Rossetti [pg. 382]

Evaluation of Citrus Cultivars for Resistance to Canker Caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri (Hasse) Dye in the State of Parana, Brazil.
R.P. Leite Jr. and S.K. Mohan [pg. 385]

Association of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae With Citrus Canker in Argentina
R.E. Stall, G.M. Marco and B.I. Canteros [pg. 389]

Efficiency of Desinfestant Compounds to Exclude the Citrus Canker Organism From Fruit Collecting Boxes.
Erna E. Bach, M. Ligia V. Carvalho, J. Rodrigues Neto, V.A. Malavolta Jr. and Victoria Rossetti [pg. 391]

The Effect of Trunk Injections on Blight-Affected Citrus Trees.
H.K. Wutscher [pg. 394]

Some Phytotoxic Effects of Naphthoquinones Produced by Furasium solani From Fibrous Roots of Blight-Diseased Citrus.
R.E. Berry, R.A. Baker and J.H. Tatum [pg. 396]

Features of Shallow Soils With Clay Pans That Are Conductive to Citrus Blight.
S. Nemec, D. Calvert, L.H. Allen and P. Fiskell [pg. 398]

Brazilian Citrus Decline Situation in the Early 80's in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Heloiea S. Prates, N. Guirado and G.W. Muller [pg. 401]

Use of a Simple Device to Test the Specificity of the Water-Injection Test for Declinio of Citrus.
Jose Eduardo O. de Lima, Luiz Augusto B.C. de Vasconcellos, N. Guirado, J. Pompeu Jr. [pg. 402]

Relative Titers of Florida Citrus Tristeza Virus Isolates in Sweet Orange and Etrog Citron.
R.F. Lee and J.P. Agostini [pg. 404]

Symptomatology of the Disease Known as Psorosis a in the Citrus Area of Corrientes, Argentina.
Alicia Diamante de Zubrzycki and H.M. Zubrzycki [pg. 407]

Status of Citrus Plantings on the Ninth Year Under Study for Control Procedures of Greening Disease in the Philippines.
C.I. Gonzales, A.D. Toreja and U.V. Molino [pg. 409]

Application Methods and Fungicides for the Control of Brown Rot (Phytophthora citrophthora) of Citrus Fruit.
Zvi Solel [pg. 412]

Effect of Some Fungicides on Population of Citrus Phytophthoras in Soil.
G. Magnano Di San Lio, A.M. Pennisi and G. Perrotta [pg. 415]

Timing Foliar Sprays of Fosetyl al to Control Phytophthora Gummosis in Lemon Trees.
J.D. Mateus and T. Nishida [pg. 419]

Foliar Spray Use of the Fungicide Fosetyl AL on Citrus to Promote Yield Increase.
J.D. Mateus and T. Nishida [pg. 420]

Citrus Virus and Mycoplasma Diseases in India - Past, Present and Future.
T.K. Nariani [pg. 421]

Citrus Cachexia-Xyloporosis Virus in the Caspian Sea Area of Iran.
Mohammad Habashi [pg. 424]

Distribution of Exocortis Viroid in Baianinha Navel Orange Trees on Five Rootstocks.
Fernandes, E.A., A.A. Salibe, and M.M. Mischan [pg. 424]

Occurrence and Distribution of Tatter-Leaf Citrange Stunt Complex on Taiwanese Citrus.
Su Hong-Ji and Cheon Jeon-Uk [pg. 426]

Behaviour of Some Lemon Rootstock Towards Mal Secco Root Infections: Preliminary Results.
V. de Cicco, M. Paradies and M. Salerno [pg. 428]

Relationships Between the Occurrence of Chytophthora sp. Root Rots in Young Nucellar Citrus Trees and Inoculation With a Viral Complex Containing the Exocortis Viroid.
Shaked, S. Ashkenazy and Y. Oren [pg. 430]

Ceratocystis Fimbriata - Ellis and Halst, a New Lemon Tree Pathogen.
Jesus Contreras de Alcain and L.A. Marmelicz [pg. 432]

Spread and Effects of Citrus Tristeza Virus in Venezuela.
R. Mendt, R. Boscan, L. Sabogal, G. Perez and G. Plaza, R. Lastra [pg. 435]

Response of Orange Trees on Two Rootstocks With Different Citrus Blight Susceptibility to Variation of Anions in the Nutrient Solution.
H.K. Wutscher [pg. 437]

Epidemiology of the Greening Disease in Reunion Island Before and After the Biological Control of the African and Asian Citrus Psyllas.
Aubert, A. Sabine, P. Geslin and L. Picard [pg. 440]

Diseases of Citrus in India.
S.P. Rauchaudhuri and Y.S. Ahlawat [pg. 442]

Exocortis Infection of Different Citrus Cultivars in China.
Zhao Xueyan, JianYuanhui, Su Weifang and Qiu Zhushi [pg. 445]


R.A. Dybas, J.M. Undurraga and C.W. McCoy [pg. 449]

Pest Suppresion on Florida Citrus With Aldicarb.
R.C. Bullock [pg. 452]

Management Strategies for Phyllocoptruta oleivora Ashm. and Their Effects on Other Phytophagous Species and Natural Enemies.
Trevizoli and S. Gravena [pg. 455]

Injury Levels for the Citrus Rust Mite Phyllocoptruta oleivora (Ashm.).
S. Gravena and D. Trevizoli [pg. 457]

Population Dynamics of the Citrus Red Mite Panonychus citri (McG.) and its Predators in Spanish Citrus Orchards.
F. Garcia-Marf, F. Ferragut, J. Costa-Comelles and C. Marzal [pg. 459]

Pathogens of the Citrus Root Weevil Complex and the Potential Use of Beaveria bassiana As Microbial Control Agent in Florida.
C.W. McCoy, R.C. Bullock, G.G. Soares, C.A. Tarrant and O.M. Beavers [pg. 462]

Bromopropylate Residues in Valencia Orange Peel and Pulp Determined by Gas Chromatography.
M.A. Pizano, G.C. de Batista, P.M. Dorizzotto and U.R. Boscariol [pg. 466]

Carbophenothion and Phentoathe Residues in Hamlin Orange Peel and Pulp Determined by Gas Chromatography.
J.L.G. de Camargo, G.C. de Batista and J. Pompeu Jr. [pg. 467]

Persistence of Phenamiphos in the Soil and Its Accumulation in Orange Fruits.
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Residues of Phenamiphos in Orange Fruits from Treated Groves.
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